J Jay Samuel Davis

You ~ Me ~ Us ~ “WORTH IT”


You ~ Me ~ Us ~ “WORTH IT”


What is life worth, if it must mean:

being as they are.

A boy scout’s not so bad, my friend,

and I could go quite far,

If I could take some decency,

a little there on board,

And be right satisfied,

my friend,

with what I can afford.

Is life worth much,

if I must lose my principles and way,

Becoming as an angry mob, comforted by the fray,

The winning of a thousand wars and a hundred thousand hence,

Is never worth a moment in The Isle of The Dense?

I’d rather live one day right here and for the right to do,

What’s in my heart;

it’s undoubtedly right – for us,

that’s you and me.

I might be called too righteous,

but I think that it’s OK

If Hearts are pure;

I hope they’re good and never turn to grey.

I walked these streets with Martin, King.  Luther was his name,

And we were dressed in tie and vest and played a straight game.

I’m sure if we are blessed by grace to pray among the wise,

Then we’ll stay true to old and new;

“Well done” is our surprise.

Let’s try to learn our lesson and never compromise,

And, even if we die right here, we might, to our surprise,

Find out that on a straight path,

there’s room in Paradise,

For staying true to old and new:

“Well done,” the best surprise.


By J. J. Samels Davis

Your problem isn't the problem
Your reaction is the problem😌
When you genuinely want something goes after it
Without limiting yourself, the Universe will make it be ~Shalom ~