“Ya Gotta Wanna” Dreamer ~

“Ya Gotta Wanna”
You’ve got to do it, Pilgrim; you’ve got to feel the will, Ya has got to feel the energy; you’ve got to feel the thrill.
Yet, I am such a dreamer; it’s hard to make a move When things appear so hard to do.ย  Do I have to prove, Once again, that dreams come true?ย  ย I’m tired when I think, Of going back out there and balancing upon the brink.
Outside, it is so hot and hard; the wind upon your skin, Makes red and hardened the blisters that form to let dreams in.
Patience is a virtue, yet fleas fly in my face, “Ya gotta wanna” they all buzz; “Be patient, but have grace, And hold onto your dreams, but hold them just like this: Not too firmly, so they fly, towardย transcendentalย bliss.

Mystic Poet Laureate
being a dreamer i got it made ~ women
I Am Me โšœ๏ธJesus


Trust, be not afraid. Life is full of wonder Open child trusting eyes to all I’m doing for you. Fear not. Only a few steps and then My Power shall be seen and known . You are, yourselves, walking in the tunnel of darkness. Soon, yourselves shall be lights to guild feet that are afraid. […]

You shall know โšœ๏ธโšœ๏ธ

Walk with me I will teach you Listen to me I will speak Continue to meet Me, despite all opposition and every obstacle, despite the days you will not hear any voice, and there may come no intimate heart to heart telling As you persist in this, and make a life habit of it, in […]