If the same thing keeps happening again and again, you may be sending out signals without realizing it for these things to recur. Even recurring dreams (or nightmares) may indicate an unresolved issue that needs to be addressed.

What signals are you sending?

Maybe things keep happening because there’s a lesson for you to learn before you can move forward. Many times it goes back to a core issue within us that needs to change.

If you keep saying or thinking that life is a struggle and obstacles and challenges continually plague you, it may be because your core issue is one of feeling undeserving of a better life.

Such patterns in our lives will repeat themselves until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

Or maybe you feel that you don’t fit in, and you find yourself in situations where people exclude you from activities. Your core issue could be one of feeling worthless and unlovable.

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A very educative read, loved it. It is as though as there are different frequencies of waves/vibes that are transmitted all around us across the Globe.
And, depending on how we set our vibrations, if low, we will be attracting those low frequency waves.. and if we try to uphold higher ones, then hopefully we will in return find ourselves get be set to receive the higher, good vibes.

With regards,

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