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“THE WONDER OF IT ALL!” a poem August 13, 2019 (Tuesday)

I know that there can never be,

A woman as pretty – as-Mimi!

Some may try to be as cute,

But-she’s-got-the-nicest “birthday-suit!”

Some may try to match her charm,

But-she-has cuddles, oh, so warm!

Her hair is gold; her features fair;

She seldom wears any-underwear!

And-her-skin it-is so-soft and cool,

Even-her-“son” is no-one’s fool,

For, when-he approaches his lovely mum,

He-says: “You-have the ‘yummiest’ tum,

The-most provocative-shape and the sweetest smell;

I-wish-I-could-marry-you!” “Son, you’re doing very-well,”

She-said-to-him; “You’ll-find-your-M I M,

In a-nightclub – or at-the-gym,

But, don’t-look-for-her, she’ll spot you first,

For, Honey, like-your-mum, you-are ‘cursed,’

With cuteness, kindness – and-a-lovely-shape!”

“Thank-you, mum,” as-“J”-boy- tossed-his-cape,

And flew-out-of the window, waving-to-his-mom:

WONDER WOMAN! What-a-“s-x-bomb!”

fin <3

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