Withering in Pain ~ it feels better if you wear stilettos heels higher the better to swing the hips to the sexy rhymes of the knife slicing that skin sizzling 😂 songs

“YOUR ‘PROCEDURE’ AFFECTS US ALL!” a poem July 25, 2019 (Thursday)

‘Twas HARD FOUGHT: THE–most-difficult-procedure-in-the-Nation;

So, “I” am-re-COVERing! from THE-“Operation!”

No, I-didn’t-go-in! I-wasn’t-“doped-up,”

At-least-not-directly, BUT – I’m-given “a cup,”

Of GALL-to-drink! to-deal-with-THE-TRAUMA,

Of-“a-loved-one”-going to-get-“worked-on,” Mama!

[We-gotta-remember, (pause)

When-a-family-member, (pause)

Goes under “the knife,”

It COULD MEAN – ‘her’ life!]

So, it-follows-I’m-anxious! with-NO-FAITH-in-Docs,*

And-HOPE-she-makes-it-out-alive! (Life-CAN-be- full-of-“knocks!”)

SO, WE SHOULD KNOW WHEN WE UNILATERALLY OPT FOR A PROCEDURE, (Which-“they”-call-a: “medical-operation”) When “they”-a-lead-( j )you(r),

Into “The Op Room” to mess with your bod,

That the ones who love-you are-saying: “Oh, God,

Don’t let her die, for we’d miss her so!”

When-you OPT for OPs – these others also go!

They go in WITH-YOU – to get cut upon,

And they need recovery time too – to regain “their brawn,”

After being so nervous, with clench-ED fists,

Awaiting-removal (perhaps) – of tender cysts,

Or-of modified tissue! A SNIP, SNIP here,

And-maybe-a-“blood-letting!” (LET-me-shed-a-tear!)

Let’s ALL hope we can endure PROCEDURES FROM HELL,

Which-have complications-downtime-and-recovery! Hopefully, well!

Anyway, “minor”-Operations!? Procedures! Medicine! {Yuck!}


And-to-remember: The-“Medicals” try to-make,

These terrible things – “fashionable” rather-than-obviously-“fake,”

By – smiling! and-changing the-names around,

And saying: “THIS-WON’T-HURT,” as you’re writhing (in-pain) on the ground!

fin <3

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