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“LOVE OF WITCHES!” a poem, a.k.a.: “HANSEL & GRETEL, THE REST OF THE STORY!” a.k.a.: “Sometimes IT’S GOOD TO GO BACK!” 11 June 2019 (Tuesday)

Some people love witches! Which-witch-is-BEST?

Which-witch-is REALLY-“witchy,” standing-above-the-rest?

Which-is: “the-best-of-all?” THE ONE WE ALL LOVE,

With the best head! and-shoulders! Cape?-broom? far-above?

A-lotta-witches-are-dull! and-basically without-style!

Which-witch? beats-the-other-witches, by-a-clear-country-mile?

I think-it-was CANDIDA, the witch with The Villa,

Of candy cane pillars! and caramel-and-vanilla,

Who liked LITTLE CHILDREN – to come through The Wood;

She’d grab-’em-for-lunch – just-like-no-body-could!

(Years pass!)

And years after Hansel and Gretel are gone,

Candida’s STILL-living!! with-a-nice-licorice-lawn,

For-she-survived-the-two-‘youngsters,’ who-tripped-her-into-the-pot,

Of boiling soup stock! Her death? was ALL-ROT!

Yes, Candy-WAS-scalded; so-there-was dis-fig-ure-ment,

But-she’s-a-SPRY-COMELY-WENCH! [Here’s-the-witches’-lament:]


But! Hansel-always-DID-THINK: that-crone-was-“Select;”

Yes, VERY ATTRACTIVE! So, when Sweet Gretel died,

Hansel-went-back! For years he had cried!

AND-HE-NEVER-GOT-MARRIED, for – for-Candy he-“burned,”

With yearning and excitement! His-soul-fairly-CHURNED!

Now, after-decades-and-decades, spent thinking of HER,

He-returned-to-Her-“Cottage,” and-it-was-Candy, f’-sure,

Who was so darned amazed – that-he’d-returned-ON-HIS-OWN!

“You like ME?” She said. “Doth Mur-der-Thee-Condone?”

“Oh, no,” said Dear Hansel, who was-so-happy to see,

His-Candy-quite-alive! “But, would-you-e’er-care-for-me?”

“Oh, yes,” quoth The Witch; “you’re-The-Black-Cat’s-Me-ow,

And I think you’re so-NICE-to-come-back-to-me-now,

And announce your affection, for an old crone like moi!”


Who can explain IT! Who-can-pro-phe-cy,

What couple will FIT, to kiss, coo – and sigh!?

So, here-we’re-years-later, and Hansel and Candy,

Are married and happy! and Hansel’s a “dandy,”

Candida’s his queen – and, with spells cast & potions,

They’re both about 30! doing-conjugal-motions!

The two birthed a girl, an incarnation of Gretel!!

And she-grew-up-in-“the-woods!” For-a-time, they did settle!

Did they-live-happily-ever-after? Well, they-DID form-a-trio,

Called: “Tony Orlando and Dawn!” Their “home base” is-[now]-in-Rio,

And-they are-eternal – and they’re-all-doing-fine!

TRUE LOVE? [Kinda-ab-surd, ain’t-it?!] So!? Candy’s-sweet at-29!

Gretel’s a bit younger; Hansel’s now 33!

They live on FOREVER, and they’ll always be free!

So, there’s-Gretel, who changed her name to-“Rihanna,” Candida and-ME!

[Moral:] Eat-ya-some-candy, love-forever!

And-get “WITCHY!” 🙂 – Make love, not WAR, Locke!

fin <3

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ONE POET’S LIFE: https://www.pw.org/directory/writers/christopher_locke