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“EVERY POEM I DID READ.” a poem, re. Mystical Poems: Friday, 29 Nov. 2019

Every poem, it is a seed; so, every poem you read,

Is one you can “forget,” forever? for you never need,

To memorize or figure out the meaning of each line,

For interpretations are as the stars,

And none of them is mine.

THEY ARE ALL JUST OURS, our dreams, afloating in the sky,

Planted in the firmament of OUR PRECIOUS “BY & BY,”

For each sweet seed will plant ITSELF, and some day you might remember,

“Oh, THAT POEM, I remember it now; it was written in September,

And now it’s nearly April, and APRIL I RECALL,

The prettiest girl EVER at ThePoet’s Magical Ball.”

The seeds will sprout; (Gasp) You’veBeenInfected,


The poems of everaftermore take growth then magic springs,

Into your “present awareness,”

And you go: “That poem [it] was a seed,

Of great and wondrous glory. It’s NOW just what I need,

For NOW I realize A meaning it tried? to teach,

Me back when I was not much ready.

Thank goodness, HeDidn’t ‘preach;’

Instead, THE MYSTIC POET let me “eat the germ,”

I was not even aware of it; I DIDN’T EVEN SQUIRM;

I [just] tasted that NEW flavor, unaware that one day soon,

I would recognize the seed,

As a flower from The Moon,

As a thing that blooms and points the way,

To an ever glorious, bright, new day,

Of change and easy re ve lry, Of LOVE for ALL of youANDme,

As US, and time has stopped right now, And its illusion shows me how,

To patient ly await The Time,

When HEAVENoffers another rhyme.

fin ♥


By ace101

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