Loneliness 💥

Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy, is the loneliest person.💥

Loneliness does not depend on how many friends or relationships you have.

You can experience loneliness even when you have a large social circle.

It’s about feeling from the rest of the world.

Loneliness Is Tied To Lower Than Average Immune System.


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Loneliness is a great question, Sir. Every soul experiences loneliness some part of life. The quick thing came to mind as I type in a small comment box to small for details. First, I suggest one looks up words in a diary. The English language you may find yourself the many meanings in words. I once wrote a number 104.6 Thesis on Loneliness for my Doctorate—190 sheet document. Perhaps I will post parts in this blog in sections as that subject” loneliness is very complicated, which means health issues. Mental health issues. Yet some individuals enjoy loneliness also. Alone time is healthy. The silence we sit contemplating is a growth of internal self-health theory. We suggest self-love heals us. We are nurturing ourselves growth in understanding our compassion and forgiveness to others who need you to accept all without Judgement. All these “words” begin to take shape in oneself. Be patient ask me again. I love ❤️ to give you gifts of little thoughts. Thank you for asking me anything. I send you Light 🔆 and peace ,😔💥

A real friend is someone that is there when you need them and they know that without even asking ….fair weather friends come and go like the seasons and only offer to help but when you ask for their help say …anytime but not today but l will ring you tomorrow …but tomorrow never comes …

The moral is Sir: forgive them all for they probably have short memory spans. Today I was watching and listening to the ocean noise, whispering an anecdote to all our sorrows. Perhaps we are all dead nowhere on earth 🌐 could be!?

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