Healing ~

I saw Santa Kissing mummy 💥💥


What have you lost last year🎀

Maybe a loved one🥺


Or just yourself in all that is going on around you…

Most of us have lost something and are trying to
cope with that loss💁‍♀️

We tend to bury ourselves in our schedules and

Not dealing with the pain we had or are having🙆‍♀️

Taking time to deal with what is hurtful to you will
make the weight you carrying lighter💥

Sharing it with a trusted friend or someone close can
make sense out of what you trying to figure out🙌

Most times we try deal with things we find painful
by placing way back in our minds✨

The only problem is that there in the darkness it
starts to grow and fester 🤔

And when you can’t understand why it won’t heal🤦‍♀️

It’s because you have never given time to it to

So while you starting a new year✨

Make sure you have cleared your space and energy
to enable you to become all you are aspiring to
become 🎀

Oh Santa 🎀

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