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It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out, it is the grain of sand in your shoe.✨


✨Make an easy PLAN for each day. Relax your mind tension, let down your body tension, eat less, drink water, walk in the open air. Change your thought to new plans, new work. LET GO OF THE PAST. Have nothing to do with the future. Sweep aside the odds and ends that litter your mind. Let go by denying them any place in your mind. TALK WITH STRONG PEOPLE. Leave weak, useless people alone. Take a salt bath, by going into the ocean, or in your own tub, using a full pint of common salt. Do not tell your troubles to another, HELP another in trouble to get out, and you will get out yourself. MAKE NEW PLANS.

✨ Ask yourself this question: “How many things I have worried about and feared ever happened to me?” You will see how few, and only those you attracted. Worry is lost energy. It is like a rocking chair, keeps going but never gets anywhere. It is like a mill-owner starting all the machinery of his mill, then going away, leaving it running to injury and destruction. It is a miserable habit. It makes you and others near you unhappy. It destroys your usefulness, injures your health, kills joy. QUIT THE HABIT. How? By forming new PLANS of thought, work, expression, activity, and living only one day at a time. Stop resisting, struggling, let go of selfish purpose, and start loving. Make a change. Start new. Grow something, make something, laugh when you think you are going to cry.

💥 Dress in light colors, Pink, Lavender, Green, Red, get away from browns, blacks, and dead colors. Try blue if you are nervous. Eat very lightly, walk till tired, take the saltwater bath, not hot but cool. Stop self-pity, change your surroundings, even if all you can do is to turn your bed around. Seek new people. MAKE NEW PLANS DAILY.

💥 Build your body with my Lesson Fifth. Take plenty of nourishment, sleep in the middle of the day, simplify your daily living, keep away from sick and unhappy people, stop talking about your own trials. LET GO. Drop fretting over trifles, check selfish desires, go afield with the sheep and cattle, do not let your house-work make you a slave. PLAN some new outlet, do something different. Banish anger, forget self, help some lame dog across the street, borrow a poor child and go out to the zoo, lift up someone who is down, do strong things, avoid excitement, keep out of the crowd, check strife and antagonism, GET THE HAPPY HABIT. Think one thing at a time, let that be a PLEASANT THING.

✨Retire loving the world, letting go of self. Drink a cup of hot water, quarter milk, with a bit of salt. Relax mind and body, say the word, SLEEP just with the rhythmic swing of a clock pendulum slowly. YOU WILL SLEEP.

✨ Quit making excuses for the habit, stop lying about its being hereditary. RESOLVE, AND YOU ARE FREE. Keep away from the cause of your habit. Shame yourself when you commit it. Praise yourself when you master it once. Destroy the desire of your habit, by putting a good desire in its place. Stop buying tobacco, or drink, and buy flowers, music, or a farm. ROUSE YOUR WILL. SEVERELY CALL YOURSELF TO ACCOUNT WHEN YOU SLIP. Stop talking about how you suffer, or how hard it is, talk about the victory. When you are tempted, SIT IN SILENCE TEN MINUTES AND SAY, “I AM SUPREME.” You will win over any habit that you may have. Change your position. Change your work. Change your associations. Drinking and smoking are the major habits that enslave men. The moment you become disgusted with a habit it loses power over you. When you get moral courage enough to hate it, it will flee from you. You may conquer in five days, or it may be five weeks. Just set aside a vacation of that time, and fight a battle for Supreme manhood. Have confidence in yourself. Arouse your will to splendid self-mastery. Have a motive for being rid of your habit. Have enthusiasm. Be determined not to travel thru life loaded with a kit of bad smelling smoking tools. Smoking does not stimulate, nor aid digestion, it does not clear the brain, nor sooth the nerves. It is quite the opposite. The same is true of the liquor habit. A habit is a deficiency, it is a vicious enemy that mars and defeats

We become like the things we think.

Retire from the business every night, start in business anew every morning.

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