What are the dead giveaways of being in a relationship with a narcissist?

It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by then I was too famous.⚜

It’s a slow boil in the pot especially , if you find yourself lucky to have snagged a covert . You will go from the love of their life to virtually a stranger . All connection snipped as easily as a cable wire . You will long for tenderness and affection, you will grieve for what you believe you have lost and you will blame yourself asking Where did all the love go ? How could something so deep , so treasured just disappear?

Your heart and mind will break over and over as you are begging them to tell you what went wrong . You know you were not perfect, but you are willing to try , to fight to save it at any cost you are so bent you are broken and dizzy with the fumes of constant gas lighting and living in a torture tunnel of CPSTD.

You are alone no one understands, or would they even believe you , would you even believe yourself at this point ? You have become a sunken eyed vessel after years of invisible abuse and neglect . You suffer cognitive dissonance as you know there must be a heart somewhere in the barrel chest of your tormenter .

The person you pledged your life to who you stayed loyal and faithful to will throw you overboard in the water knowing you cannot swim while texting a hook up Now pleading for a life raft they are more concerned with sending roses to a new supply the water enters your lungs and you are suffocating while they smirk and send a selfie to the harem army, you look at them one last time with a heart so waterlogged instead of beating it is crying tears as they take a new shiny object by the hand and never look back.

They walk away from all your years together, a home and children from memories and of the moments of a life shared thrown into the graveyard of the sea where you were left to die . You are the dead giveaway in a relationship with a narcissistic. Take swimming lessons until Michael Phelps is envious and back stroke the damn english canal if you have to . You are worth more . Don’t let them have the satisfaction out of our mental death and burial, wipe that sadistic smirk right off their creepy plastered smile . Swim this for you without looking back .

By ace101

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