Abuse 😔

Don’t stay in an abusive relationship. Leave right now . 😔

Sometimes we never know what lays behind all peoples eyes. The one’s that censure folk are affected too but chose to live in a cupboard.

They to need forgiveness for they are on your journey suffering also in private ashamed to come out.

Extended families and extended friends disappear because it scares them in case they say the wrong thing.

Note when you go out how folk cross the road when you appear.

That is normal human behaviour.

This is no straightforward way to rescue.

Moving on has suffering attached to healing.

Once you understand suffering a door will open 👐 a new life starts again.

Before you heal, write one letter to each member, you feel let you down.

It’s called forgiveness note for forgiveness.

Only five phrases are apologising to the perpetrator of your life.

Whether you send these notes is or not irrelevant.

The purpose of this exercise sets you free.

Plus keep copies in a box with a lid closed.

The need for closure begins.

That exercise is essential to move past your hurt.

Don’t start looking to fill your gap with new relationships.

You will not succeed.

That baggage of suffering becomes the straw that breaks the camels back.

These steps I write here are for all folk suffering.

To some, these words will be empty for you; that’s because you’re not there yet!

The terminology Mental Health is utilised wrongly.

In this case, Brad is the victim of a few – a soul who is classified under the Mental Health Category and fits the Narcissus who needs medical intervention.

Narcis behaviour escalates over time.

A person developing Narcissus traits are not rare.

Those poor souls need medical help.

Family members need to see their GPS for use also.

I have been following Brad’s post for some time.

We remarked to Brad, his proponents or readers leave no comment or like button.

This is common as people look and run the opposite way, and Brad again feels like he is on his own.

He was feeling rejected again.

I think Brad is a hero to talk about a taboo subject being a man.

Abuse towards men doesn’t happen men—silent crime hidden behind closed doors.

Abuse against men and women are Crimes in the Australian Court Sytems.

To all sexes who confront a partner ” Get Out.”

It’s not Ok to hurt anyone, let alone family members.

Be safe 😔😔

Editors note: True Story

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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