I dedicate this poem to all the men and women who have fought side by side and continue to do so to this day.  God Bless Them All!

Peace To The World 💥

There is no victory in war

I dedicate this poem to all the men and women who have fought side by side and continue to do so to this day.  God Bless Them All!

UNWANTED MEMORIES -(written by Jocelyn Scott – 22 Dec 2003)

The young soldier looks at the blood on the ground Where his comrade has fallen with never a sound.

His heart now is pounding, his mind now is screaming He knows it’s for real, he knows he’s not dreaming.

Bodies surround him, some wounded, some dead And the vileness now fills him with terrible dread.

Will tomorrow be his turn? Or maybe the next? War is his master, life’s book, without text.

His soul is so torn, he can no longer measure The infinite pain, not something to treasure.

Though his mind is quite numb, and his heart is stone cold He’ll continue to fight with courage and bold.

The battles are raging by day and by night It’s a long weary tunnel with no end in sight.

His choices are few, he just hopes he’ll survive It’s a tough daily struggle just staying alive.

For when will it end? If he could just know, The horror continues with fear the main foe.

While at home, pollies sit in their soft, comfy chairs Having sent men to battle, are they now aware?

Of what war has inflicted with the stroke of a pen, On those who return to their homeland again,

Who are crumbling ruins of what they once were, The horror behind them, now a cold, frightening blur.

In heart wrenching nightmares that forever live on Each soldier remembers his mates now long gone.

Some can’t gather life’s pieces nor fit them together And they drift through the years, hearts toughened like leather.

The memories won’t fade and their minds cannot heal, Their terrible pain and their torment is real.

And the mothers and wives and the children who mourn Their lives too, are shattered, their hearts too, are torn.

So remember our soldiers, what they represent How they fought for us all with such courage, hell bent.

Remember the young men who died, so alone, From the bullets that cut them and turned them to stone.

Don’t forget all the ones who returned to the fold How they fought the big battles, with daring and bold.

Who saw too much blood, too much suffering and pain, Who are lost and can’t seem to start living again.

The battles still haunt them and enter their dreams As the nightmares continue with hideous screams.

Some now turn to the bottle to drown the sad past In a desperate bid to be free at long last.

For these men, life will never be normal again, They will never forget, and come in from the rain

To stand in the sunshine and think with a smile

While their minds overflow with old memories so vile.

For we who’ve not been there cannot understand That life dealt these men such a terrible hand.

We cannot know their pain, their memories, their fears, Their long sleepless nights when they hold back their tears.

But we can show our thanks on Remembrance Days And be there to support them in so many ways.

We can show our respect for the sacrifice made And never forget the high price they all paid.

By ace101

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