You have the power to change almost anything in your life that you want to change. Whether you use that power or not is up to you.

What do you find yourself doing? 🤔

If you’re repeating old patterns over and over, like negatively/unproductive habits, is a path to a life of depression, regret and unfufillment.

I’ve experienced this myself for many of years and it can be very depressing when you have no sense of direction

More recently removing myself from many of these negative self defeating patterns and choosing more productive ones, the result – more fulfilment and growth and closer to meeting the core needs ,as below

According to Tony Robbins
Humans require six core needs to achieve more happiness/success in their lives which are…

▪️Certainty▪️ Variety▪️ Significance▪️Love/Connection▪️ Growth ▪️Contribution

There’s a fair chance most people are not fufilling all of these core needs

Are you really meeting all of your needs

What are you doing right now to meet them

PS. I’m not pretending to be in any way be an expert in these things or have no demons/battles of my own, but the critical part for me is growth and contribution – What you learn might be of value to someone 😒😌

By ace101

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