I want you to have perspective in this story

Thoughts for today 🕊🕯

Once upon a time a king married four wives but among His wives.He loved the fourth wife so much that he gave her anything she request but this king hate his first wife when the king is about to die he called his fourth wife and ask her if I die will you die with me but she asked no I will remarry as she left he called the third wife ask her the same question but she said no I will not die with you I take care of your things the second wife said she will not die with him but she will make sure she give him befitting funeral but the first wife said yes I will die with you.
The spiritual interpretation
The fourth wife is your wealth you love your wealth that you don’t care about God,

The third is your love ones, friends that keep you busy that you don’t have time for the things of God
The second is your family members that you don’t want to disappoint, but you slightly disappoint your creator
The first is your soul, or inward man, spirit man.all of the above is good but have time for God daily
For it is written what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul, for it is that profit the things of spirit flesh and blood profit not.for they that will worship God must worship him in spirit truth

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