“WIN A PRIZE BY FILLING IN THE BLANK!” a poem Tuesday: June 4, 2019

“WIN A PRIZE BY FILLING IN THE BLANK!” a poem Tuesday: June 4, 2019

Does THAT offend you, Dearest? Then, NO-MO’-POEMS-EVER! Nope!

Because, of course, you KNOW-Love, you’re-my ONE & ONLY HOPE,

And IF-you-left because-of-silly-words, I would surely mope,

Away, and I’d dissolve (pause) like a well-used bar of soap!

I would-just waste away; I could no longer cope!

No more, then! No-more poetry, for I-am not a DOPE!

I CAN TELL – when-I’ve-“crossed-the line,” or I’m-“at-the-end-of-my-rope!”

I-love-you, so-let’s-go-to-Vatican-City – and get married [that’s right!] by-The-Pope!

And THEN, * since-we’ll-be-legally-married, I can really GROPE,

Amidst your “private, sensual-parts!” Still? Why-don’t-you-“ope’ “

To-my-advances! [YOU’RE]-AN-ALIEN! [I-can-tell]-for-you-have-a: [ BLANK ]

fin <3

Postlude: Sometimes, on starry nights, we look at ITS’ planet, in-our-telescope!

We’ve-run-away-from-The-World! Yes, we have! and-now-I’m-a-real misanthrope,

And! also, somewhat of a vegan for we-mainly-eat – overripe-cantaloupe,

But my orange skin’s fine! I’ve-found-new-life! in-a-newly-discovered ISOTOPE!

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