J Jay Samuel Davis

Why Change ⚜️⚜️⚜️

“Why Not Change?” a poem
Not feeling good right now?  Well, have a candy bar, Why not take a little drive in your motor car? You can talk upon your cell phone, stare upon your screen, Eating fast food while downloading videos quite mean. But aren’t all these perpetuating feeling ill right now, Why not change your life around?  Here’s the knowledge how: Just forget the sweetness of chocolate and its crunch, And having contact with the screen and food you crave for lunch.

I have all these addictions to driving, sweets and talking, Rather than to wholesome and silence and walking, But, if we would feel good, we must switch to those, Things we don’t crave now.  Can’t you suppose, You could get yourself addicted to some things brand new, Like strolling, clean eating and healthy things to do? Just normal food and normal conversation there outside, And lose the cars for bicycles: a pedal for a ride.



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