I appeal to all alarmists and neurotics – once again you were fooled by the most corrupt and fraudulent organization, whose name is WHO. To those with a short memory, I remind you that in 2009 this muddy structure had already turned a similar scam and caught up with almost infernal horror when it announced the swine flu pandemic. The media inflated the imaginary threat to universal proportions, the governments of the leading world powers eagerly supported the conclusions of WHO and began to allocate crazy money for the purchase of vaccines. So, the USA, Canada, Great Britain and France spent almost $ 8 billion on vaccinating the population and related activities. Barack Obama has even declared swine flu a national threat. And what is the result? The victims of the “epidemic” were 18,500 people, mass psychosis ended six months later, and the bottom line was the billion-dollar profits of pharmaceutical giants such as Roche, SmeetKline & Beecham, Glaxo Welcome. After some time, it turned out that many experts and advisers to the World Health Organization regularly receive money from pharmaceutical companies and lobby for their interests. Everything is ridiculously simple and trite.
11 years have passed, and the picture is repeated almost one to one. First, an outbreak of some new garbage under an exotic name is recorded, then a couple of months later, daily inflating a mammoth from a fly, a pandemic is announced, then the amount that can save unhappy humanity from this apocalyptic evil is voiced. For starters, 61.5 million dollars. What will happen next is not hard to guess. Soon there will be a “saving” vaccine, and the money will flow into the bottomless pharmaceutical bins. It is possible that this time, mass hysteria is in the hands of someone else. To whom specifically, we will find out a little later. Unlike 2009, panic spreads much faster and more extensively. Now it is rapidly being dispersed by social networks, and a brainless, easily controlled herd from Australia to Alaska will sweep masks, pasta and toilet paper from the shelves. What to do in this situation? To step aside and, pouring a glass of whiskey, with an impeccably cynical smirk, watch the world go crazy. The sight is funny. Although sad.

Conclusions from all this theater of the absurd:

  1. Manipulating us is much easier than you might have imagined;
  2. Viruses come and go, and the number of gullible idiots is only growing;
  3. Media and social networks – the main mouthpiece of evil;
  4. People stopped analyzing and stupidly consume information;
  5. We live in a shaky and unstable world that can collapse at any moment;
  6. The less developed the state, the less unjustified panic in it;
  7. In a world where money rules everything and everyone, you cannot trust anyone. Especially to governments, officials and “experts.”
  8. And finally, the best way to get rid of fear is to realize that there are worse things (EVERY DAY in the world about 1,700 people die from ordinary flu, more than 4,000 people die from tuberculosis and almost 6,500 people a day from pneumonia , bronchitis and whooping cough. These are millions of lives a year around the world!)

Keep calm, enjoy the spring and hammer on the news. “Life is beautiful, despite the shortcomings,” – as the Great Combinator said.


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen


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