When, once more, I AM unjustly accused,

“I’M SURE.” a poem December 30, 2019 (Monday)


I get what I’m sure I deserve; (pause) toThinkOtherwise’dMean: I’VE SOME NERVE?

AndToThink I’dCALL THAT unfair? Even though I wasn’t there.

“The one who serves theMOST’s gotTheBestSERVE.”

El Poem:

I get told “You’re unkind,” when my only intent,

HasBeenToShowHowMuchIloveYOU; (pause) it does make quite a dent,

When, once more, I AM unjustly accused,

But, of course, I’m sure, I shall never lose,

Those people who will blame me, blame me WHEN,

I only love&cherishTHEM YouKnow? and then,

They discover: “Oh, he didN’T do that after all; (pause) It wasn’t even him who made that call, / ‘Cause he ain’t even got a cell phone in his hand.

Well, I’ll apologize to him (again); I’m sure he’s understand.”

Well, what I understand is: I NEED ToBeBlamed AGAIN,

By those that say they love me andSay: “HeCanReally use that pen,”


They belong and are from ALL OF US; they are Divine,

And there are quite a few, so they often are NEVER READ,

But THAT’s OK. Nothing’s “gone to my head,”

For, my head is really empty; and (I’M SURE) EMPTY HEADS should get the blame,

For what WE ALL ARE DOING. ToME, perhaps, it’sAllTheSME,

BUT IT’S NOT REALLY for it hurts when (y’know) Idon’tThinkI’mSoBAD;

Yet, I get reminded (Yay) “YES, YOU ARE.” (eternally) It’s SURE to make me sad.

fin ♥

LIMERICK 1: Thank you for looking at me / In THAT WAY of accuse a to ry / When I might say: “Not I,” / You’ll remark: “You do lie.” / Then later, you’ll find your lost key.

LIMERICK 2: I’m a mustardSeed, butThere’s noFaith inHere / My faith is in each little tear / That I cry when accused / But, I don’t feel abused. / I gave up that notion last year.

By ace101

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