Go and love someone exactly how they are

And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest,

Trust versions of themselves ❤


One day someone is going to hug you
So tight that all your broken pieces

Fit back together again

So tight that all your broken pieces

Fit back together again


I’d chose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality

I would find you, and I’d wanted you

Did I not!


  • Books
    When it comes to getting some information and knowledge then a strong emphasis is given to reading. It is a healthy activity that generates great qualities in you. Reading a book or some nice stuff from magazines and newspaper equip your mind with immense knowledge and you get aware of diverse types of things. Here … Read more
  • Elon Musk ~
    “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk
  • Be Kind To You ~
    No one can insult or hurt you without your permission. One of the golden keys to happiness and great success is the way you interpret events which unfold before you. Highly successful people are master interpreters. People who have attained greatness have an ability which they have developed to interpret negative or disempowering events as … Read more
  • Letter to my Husband ~
    Hear the whisper at the window Let me in How I ever lived without you I don't know Yes I know how different times are But, honey love never changed from the beginning of time Take all I am Fill my soul with loving embrace Touch me tenderly Wipe my tears with your lips I'm … Read more
  • Did you know about Sleep~
    If you fall asleep while overthinking, then your mind will stay active even during your sleep and you will wake up tired. Your dreams are expressions of your subconscious minds during deep sleep. Only 10% of our mind is conscious. Humans are the only mammal that can willingly delay sleep. A giraffe only needs 1.9 … Read more
  • Sex~
    These days, SEX, this confusing, wonderful, exhilarating expression of love, attraction and desire  seems to have become a subject of the most profound misunderstanding since the beginning of time. The porn industry and so called “liberation” have been misinterpreted to the point where many now associate sex with a deep sense of insecurity, performance anxiety … Read more
  • Famous Quotes~
  • Failure ~
  • ~ Cotton Song – Jean Toomer
    Come, brother, come. Lets lift it;come now, hewit! roll away!Shackles fall upon the Judgment DayBut lets not wait for it. God's body's got a soul,Bodies like to roll the soul,Cant blame God if we dont roll,Come, brother, roll, roll!Cotton bales are the fleecy way,Weary sinner's bare feet trod,Softly, softly to the throne of God,"We aint … Read more
  • Jeffrey Epstein American
    Shame Shame Shame Shame
  • All about me ~
    All about me, we all come with Baggage Leave it behind Cause you're not going back that way Move forward not backwards You've been there and it didn't work Did it
  • Question on Facebook today, Andrew Asks ” please explain”
    Andrew Brown yes Sir, ever one who comes into our lives teaches us something. My best thoughts are it's you chose to pick out something you like and add that to your life. We are only vehicles in the lifetime of challenging journies we travel. What feels not right for you just walk on by … Read more
  • Prayers for Sleep
    Night prayerO Lord, I long to find true restO Lord, I long to find true rest and so I come to you,As I lay down I need you near to hold me all night through.Please help my mind to wind right down and guide my dreams to heal.O Lord, restore my tired limbs. Help me … Read more
  • One of those days in a woman’s day
    Seeing our life moves in gallery life, here is my version ~ Dazzled
  • Famous Quotes~ Plato
    Love is a serious mental disease – Plato
  • Thoughts ~ Broken I want to go home
    I ned to go home we're I belong
  • Proud Women ~
  • Health authorities issue alarming warning about essential oils – Yahoo News
    Health authorities issue alarming warning about essential oils – Yahoo News https://yns.page.link/JLpSJ
  • Art ~ Bobrinsky Palace in Petrograd, 1923, Zinaida Serebriakova
    Bobrinsky Palace in Petrograd, 1923, Zinaida Serebriakova
  • Nursing home staff allegedly filmed themselves harassing a 91-year-old woman | 7NEWS.com.au
    https://7news.com.au/news/court-justice/nursing-home-staff-allegedly-filmed-themselves-harassing-a-91-year-old-woman-c-395751 We are slowly engaging in a subject many hide behind closed doors. Thank heavens for this Royal Inquiry. We do need to flood Social Media to voice our horror concerning Elder Abuse. I have seen it. I have seen what is termed the Alzimers FAMILY MEMBERS epidemic that take to the hills when mothers … Read more
  • Mrs Smith Fainted ~🙄
    Making a baby. There is not one dirty word in it, and it is funny!– The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, 'Well, I'm off now. The … Read more
  • Leadership Skills
    Understanding the dark side The dark side of an individual, when allowed to go unchecked, can create a Ridgid and dysfunctional personality that suffocates creativity, and taints or ruins relationships. When such characteristics are given reign in a manager, a self-righteous and bombastic person can arise from power struggle within resulting in alienation the people … Read more
  • Sometime ~
    Sometimes look after you self esteem cause you are worth it.
  • Wisdom ~
    We can't change the past it either breaks us or makes us different. The journeys we all travel through time is evolution . Do we have to change, no. But it does change us. Its our choices we make is our own responsibility therefore always be kind to you too. DON'T hurt others with your … Read more

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