DAZZLED Social media

Welcome to my Facebook


Hi, folk are you on Facebook.

Here is an example of introduction I use regularly.

Read, you will soon understand just what kind of folk need to apply.

To those people I have not met who would like to add me as a friend…

I hope you want me to connect as Facebook friends because you know me or my work, or because you have found my Timeline posts to your taste.

Am I being too harsh if I do not add you to my circle of friends if, when I visit your page, you have no posts to show me? What can I expect to receive from you on my feed if I accept your offer of friendship? If I cannot see your posts without first accepting your request, feel free to message me and explain what we have in common, and then I’ll add you to my network.

I already read the news and keep up with current affairs. I am already aware of many injustices in the world, and I will take a stand when I can. While an occasional reminder is appropriate, I do not wish to spend much of my precious time reading large numbers of posts with negative opinions and outpourings. I would like to be mainly inspired by your posts, enlivened by your choice of music and entertained by your photos and sense of fun. When we know each other, I will empathise with any personal misfortune, but…

Negativity is debilitating, and the amount on Facebook is causing my artistic output to suffer.

Perhaps this may help you to sort those Trolls

Copy and post.

I look forward to connecting and being your friend if we know each other personally and well if we can enjoy helping each other if we share interests and outlooks and our lives can become supportive.