We have learned a lot from life! Let it be 🌝

“A LOT!” a poem WEDNESDAY: June 19, 2019

We-have-ALL-learnt! SO MUCH from Life!

I shall-conduct-“our-victory- band!” with-drum-and-fife!

And, if-aliens-land, they’ll-ask: “What-did-you learn?”

“Addition and subtraction: To BLOCK! and burn!”

“Well, what-may-we-ask – is 2 + 3?”

“Oh! We-never got-THAT-FAR – in-our-so-phistry!”

When-we-get-to-HEAVEN, THEY’ll-[also] [maybe] ask:


“What task was that? For, we-could-never-agree!

On-what-anything-was!” “Can-YOU-[EVEN] – LET IT BE?

And allow ‘natural processes’ to unfold – gracefully?”

“Oh, that’s-TOO-hard! Please-just-allow-us, regretfully,

TO-DO-OUR-BEST, which-means: Destroying-everything!

Can-we-assume! that-we-might-KNOW-ANY-THING!

For, if we can’t (know!) WHAT GOOD ARE WE?

SPINNING! – in an apparent Cosmos, wild? and free!”

Yes, yes, we’ve learnt A LOT from-this-LIFE!

But have-we-learned to-BE! a-loving-husband or-a-reasonable-wife!?

And I wouldn’t-really count – on-any-of-THAT-stuff happening-soon!*

We have all learnt a lot Let’s-go to-The-Jungle &-seek “real answers!” from-a-big-ol’-mean-baboon! fin <3 {* – or ever!}

Let it be 💥
Let it be

By ace101

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