Story Teller

Massacre Rocks ~ Utah Lake ~ Water Babies

It is said that Massacre Rocks got its name from the narrow passage through the area’s boulder configurations. Settlers travelling through the course feared being ambushed by Native Americans, although it is unverified that any altercations happened. The Snake River runs right through the Massacre Rocks area and is said to be the central spot of paranormal activity, according to the legend. It is said that the river is haunted by supernatural beings called Water Babies, which are the spirits of drowned babies. But what is the story behind the deaths of these babies? The level varies depending on which legend you hear, but the thought is the same. A popular belief is that the Native Americans who first inhabited the area went through a harsh famine. The natives decided there wasn’t enough food to feed any more people, so mothers were forced to go down to the river and drown their babies as they were born. Other variations of the myth say that this happened among a group of white settlers during the 1800s. It is displayed after the babies were drowned, they changed and grew fins and gills to survive in the water by eating small fish. People have reported seeing these water spirits playing in the canals and rivers in the Massacre Rocks area. T is even said that these spirits lure humans to their death to avenge their sad fates. There’s no denying the beauty of the site today and the rich history that goes along with it. Of course, there is no way of telling whether the sad legend behind Massacre Rocks is true or not. But if you go down the riverbank, you may hear the distant sound of a baby crying for its mother.


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