Famous Poets


NANI!” a poem October 25, 2018 – Thursday

The Jnani* you see – IT is (quite-simply)THEE!

And a pat on your back is the surest BHAKTI!**

When-you-encounter The Master, take back what is Thine,

For, to “worship” another -is a telltale sign,

That you want to give up – your “Divine Right of Kings;”

YOU’re-The King AND The Queen! (pause) So, hold-onto YOUR things!

When Ramana Maharshi encountered a soul,

Who-was-bowing and pleading – for Him to control,

Their lives and make right all their ca-cacophony

Maharshi-said: “Stop It! I know who you be!

You can’t fool me – you’re The Lord (Most) Divine;

Now go away, Silly! I won’t buy your line!

IF you perceive any-thing – that-is-right about me,

It is all there in you! Ope’ your “third eye” and see!”

The True-Master awakens – “J-NANA***-Ident-i-ty,”

And-sends-you-on-your-way! (pause)

‘Tis-your Sweet “Destiny!”

fin <3

“REBUTTAL!” a poem – written almost simultaneously!! Oct. 25, 2018

Find you a Jnani – and bow at His (Her) feet;

Offer to serve Her (Him) something to eat!

Give up your life – in the hands of The Master,

For-receiving “enlightenment” – will-avoid the disaster,

Of wasting your life! Be devoted all right!

Bow at His (Her) Feet – absorb all The Light,

That is transferred into Thee, from Heaven’s Good Eye!

Surrender your will – and avoid every lie,

That The World persuades you – is Truth; yes, just be –

Devoted to (REAL) Truth – to Your Master’s bhakti! 🙂 – Satyagraha Rules!

fin <3

“CHOICES!” a poem – written almost simultaneously!! Oct. 25, 2018

Just know, Alan Watts, when-the-tiger-will-wake,

From-its long kitty nap – it is not prone to fake,

Any notion-of-divinity – or – of-some sorry state,

For, IF it is hungry! and dinner is late,

It will seek out a kill – and – pounce on its prey!

And The God of All Cats – will-just look, look away!

fin <3

* – a so-called, “realized” person, who, as everyone does, deserves your respect, but not your worship! Respect does NOT mean letting someone dictate to you your life! A Quaker, aboard a “captured” ship, greeted the pirate Captain, saying: “Excuse me, Lord; forgive me my transgression,” as he carefully grabbed the pillager and tossed him overboard! “The Lord works in mysterious ways!”

** – Loving Devotion

*** – “Knowledge,” or some sense – of oneness

(”All explanations of any terms, ESPECIALLY so-called ‘spiritual’ ones, are inherently faulty! Any word or set of words can mean anything anyone wants it/them to! I am NOT suggesting ANYONE ‘buy’ anything that is expressed here! It is ALL rubbish! and – profoundly Divine!” The Mystic Poet****)

**** – The LEAST mystical person imaginable!! 🙂 – Eat more corn!! Just kidding!


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)