Famous Poets


NANI!” a poem October 25, 2018 – Thursday

The Jnani* you see – IT is (quite-simply)THEE!

And a pat on your back is the surest BHAKTI!**

When-you-encounter The Master, take back what is Thine,

For, to “worship” another -is a telltale sign,

That you want to give up – your “Divine Right of Kings;”

YOU’re-The King AND The Queen! (pause) So, hold-onto YOUR things!

When Ramana Maharshi encountered a soul,

Who-was-bowing and pleading – for Him to control,

Their lives and make right all their ca-cacophony

Maharshi-said: “Stop It! I know who you be!

You can’t fool me – you’re The Lord (Most) Divine;

Now go away, Silly! I won’t buy your line!

IF you perceive any-thing – that-is-right about me,

It is all there in you! Ope’ your “third eye” and see!”

The True-Master awakens – “J-NANA***-Ident-i-ty,”

And-sends-you-on-your-way! (pause)

‘Tis-your Sweet “Destiny!”

fin <3

“REBUTTAL!” a poem – written almost simultaneously!! Oct. 25, 2018

Find you a Jnani – and bow at His (Her) feet;

Offer to serve Her (Him) something to eat!

Give up your life – in the hands of The Master,

For-receiving “enlightenment” – will-avoid the disaster,

Of wasting your life! Be devoted all right!

Bow at His (Her) Feet – absorb all The Light,

That is transferred into Thee, from Heaven’s Good Eye!

Surrender your will – and avoid every lie,

That The World persuades you – is Truth; yes, just be –

Devoted to (REAL) Truth – to Your Master’s bhakti! 🙂 – Satyagraha Rules!

fin <3

“CHOICES!” a poem – written almost simultaneously!! Oct. 25, 2018

Just know, Alan Watts, when-the-tiger-will-wake,

From-its long kitty nap – it is not prone to fake,

Any notion-of-divinity – or – of-some sorry state,

For, IF it is hungry! and dinner is late,

It will seek out a kill – and – pounce on its prey!

And The God of All Cats – will-just look, look away!

fin <3

* – a so-called, “realized” person, who, as everyone does, deserves your respect, but not your worship! Respect does NOT mean letting someone dictate to you your life! A Quaker, aboard a “captured” ship, greeted the pirate Captain, saying: “Excuse me, Lord; forgive me my transgression,” as he carefully grabbed the pillager and tossed him overboard! “The Lord works in mysterious ways!”

** – Loving Devotion

*** – “Knowledge,” or some sense – of oneness

(”All explanations of any terms, ESPECIALLY so-called ‘spiritual’ ones, are inherently faulty! Any word or set of words can mean anything anyone wants it/them to! I am NOT suggesting ANYONE ‘buy’ anything that is expressed here! It is ALL rubbish! and – profoundly Divine!” The Mystic Poet****)

**** – The LEAST mystical person imaginable!! 🙂 – Eat more corn!! Just kidding!