Wallpaper Lady 🎁

“WALLPAPER WOMAN!” a poem for my OAO – Tuesday! 18 June 2019

My “Wallpaper Woman!” I love her; I need her;

I’ll eat her; I’ll lick her – if-I’m-lucky, I’ll-seed-her!

She smiles! I’m wild! in-love-with-her-ALL;

My Wallpaper Woman! I simply MUST call!

Every-moment of the day – and several-times in the night,

My Wallpaper Honey is “clean outta sight!”

NO-She’s-NOT, That’s-The-Point! She’s-ever-on-my-phone;

She-is, when-we’re-in-a-big-crowd; she-is, when-I’m-alone!

She’s-here in-this-box, which-I-can-NEVER-lose,

Because, without-my-Wallpaper-Woman – I’d-have-t’turn-to-[the]-booze!

Or: I’d-just-have-to-die! or: become-an-International-spy,

So I could locate her! I’d-try and-I’d-try!

Yes, I’d-try-to-locate-her wherever-I’d go:

In-Is-tanbul!-Bermuda! at-The-Cannes’-Film-Fest show!

I’d-be looking-for-this-woman who-I-can’t-be-with-out!

Thank goodness we’re married! (Did you have any doubt?)

fin <3


By ace101

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