J Jay Samuel Davis



I wanted to be a soldier, in uniform and proud, Protecting noble sentiments; I could be awfully loud, Expressing all of my concerns for bad guysโ€™ ill intent, And then I found out truly where our bombs were being sent.
I wanted to be a teacher; I thought that would be neat, Until, within a hall, I heard the clambered feet, Of students marching to their rooms to get indoctrinated. I was a prison warden, prison life perpetuated.
I wanted to be a lawyer, and to show up in the court, Pleading justice and fair play, to always be the sort, Of legal representative to strive for decency, But money ruled; โ€œWhere,โ€ I asked, โ€œwas a democracy?โ€
Am I too idealistic; do I need to drop the bombs, Force knowledge and the law on children, dads and moms? I expect too much and I am spoiled rotten all the time. If I lived inside a box, I could not write this rhyme.

  • Cherish Life that Abideth โ€“ William Morris
    Advertisements Love is enough: cherish life that abideth, Lest ye die ere ye know him, and curse and misname him; For who knows in what ruin of all hope he hideth, On what wings of the terror of darkness he rideth? And what is the joy of manโ€™s life that ye blame him For his [โ€ฆ]
  • Through the Trouble and Tangle โ€“
    Advertisements Love is enough: through the trouble and tangle From yesterdayโ€™s dawning to yesterdayโ€™s night, I sought through the vales where the prisoned winds wrangle, Till, wearied and bleeding, at end of the light I met him, and we wrestled, and great was my might. O great was my joy, though no rest was around [โ€ฆ]
  • Animal Rights
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