Venting 😁

Please don’t give him to me for Xmas 🎄😁😆😅

Venting so I just went to Woolworths this morning to pick up a few things I needed. I was waiting in the self-check out lane and I dropped a $20 dollar note The guy in front of me picked it up. I thanked him and told him it was mine and he said “things found on the earth are kept by the collector” and then walks away!!!Really?????
I looked at the person standing in line behind me, who looked just as shocked as me, so I looked back towards this “human” and as I approached him I said ” Do I look like an ATM? You will give me my $20 dollars!!!” He had the nerve to ignore me and TRIED to walk away from my wrath of justice I was about to serve. SOOOOOOO of course I left my basket and followed him into the carpark as I was calling the police.
He was clearly walking in a fast pace to get away from me which was the first sign of real intelligence the man had shown! When he got to his car he put his bags down on the ground to open his boot.
I was boiling at this point! I decided his “finders keepers” rule presented a perfect opportunity for one heck of a teachable moment…. SO…… I just grabbed his shopping bags and said “things found on earth are kept by the collector!” and walked over to my car and ignored his every attempt about the exchange. I was just waiting for him to take things to another level and wondering if his car was up for grabs considering it was sitting there on the earth.
I was so mad, but I had a sense of satisfaction all at the same time. I can say as an adult I’ve never stolen anything. I get home and opened the bags and what did I find???
3 packs of Porterhouse steak
2 packs Bbq sausages
2 kg of potatoes
2 lettuce
1kg onions
2 Garlic bread
A bottle of wine
Just a thought……WOW Not bad for $20
In all seriousness
This is a joke just to see who reads the whole darn thing!
If you did…. just copy and paste to your page or NOT. I bet I just put a smile on your face! Have a great day!!! LOL
Things found on earth are kept by the collector!!
Gotcha hahahahahah!!!!!. (Found on a mates post)


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