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(USA/EUROPE) Climate Change & Global Warming Report: Every time severe winter weather strikes and reporters are fond of saying that global warming may be to blame:The paradox goes like this: As Arctic sea ice melts and the polar atmosphere warms, the swirling winds that confine cold Arctic air weaken, letting it spill farther south #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.16: But this idea, popularized a decade ago, has long faced skepticism from many atmospheric scientists, who found the proposed linkage unconvincing and saw little evidence of it in simulations of the climate:

USA/EUROPE: ‘Landmark study casts doubt on controversial theory linking melting Arctic to severe winter weather: And in today’s world, the influence of ice loss on winter weather is negligible, says James Screen, a climate scientist at the University of Exeter and co-leader of the investigation, which presented its results last month at the annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union. “To say the loss of sea ice has an effect over a particular extreme event, or even over the last 20 years, is a stretch.”


A weaker, wavier jet stream allows Arctic air to spill south to midlatitudes.

Now, the most comprehensive modeling investigation into this link has delivered the heaviest blow yet: Even after the massive sea ice loss expected by midcentury, the polar jet stream will only weaken by tiny amounts—at most only 10% of its natural swings.

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Example of what is being published:

** BBC News: Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters

** The Independent: Spring snow chaos in Europe ‘caused by melting sea-ice in the Arctic’, scientists say

** The Guardian: Melting Arctic ice triggers winter storms, study finds

** The Guardian: The reduction in Arctic sea ice caused by climate change is playing a role in the UK’s recent colder and drier winter weather, according to the Met Office.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.16: 2021:

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