(UKRAINE) President Zelensky Report: Spokeswoman for the president over the argument on Twitter with economist Aslund over an article about the president and the oligarchs #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.09: A spokeswoman for the President of Ukraine Yulia Mendel posted a link to her article for the American think tank Atlantic Council on Twitter . She also wrote that President Volodymyr Zelensky was “ready to challenge the authorities of the Ukrainian oligarchs.”

The economist demands an apology or examples of how Zelensky is ready to fight Kolomoisky: ‘Previous Ukrainian leaders talked a lot about de-oligarchization, but did little. Zelensky wants his actions to speak for themselves , “Yulia Mendel said’

This tweet was commented by Anders Aslund, a Swedish economist and senior researcher at the Atlantic Council. He believes that Zelensky’s main problem is his relationship with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, whom the head of state does not publicly oppose.

Mendel argued on Twitter with economist Aslund over an article about the president and the oligarchs

“Really? Can he name Kolomoisky? Challenging the oligarchs means nothing at all. That’s why everyone says so, but the main problem is Kolomoisky. Maybe Zelensky is talking about him? Or is he still firmly with him? Why are all these Kolomoisky puppets still his deputies? ” – it is said in the comment of the economist.

Julia Mendel accused Aslund of spreading misinformation, allegedly because he was fired.

“Mr. Aslund, I am very disappointed that you have been so strongly influenced by too old disinformation narratives. I hoped you were speaking based on quality analytics, and not just because you were fired , ”Mendel wrote.

It should be noted that in September 2020, the economist stated that he resigned from the supervisory board of Ukrzaliznytsia because the management of the state-owned enterprise does not comply with the council’s decision, and members of the supervisory board receive only “insults and obstacles” from the president.

Aslund asked Mendel to apologize if she could not give an example of Zelensky’s critical remarks about Kolomoisky. He also called the oligarch “Ukraine’s biggest swindler.”

A presidential spokeswoman accused the economist of “fighting with words and Ukraine with actions.” To which Aslund replied that he saw no action, as well as no answers to his questions.

It will be recalled that the United States has imposed sanctions against Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky , accusing him of corruption and undermining democracy in Ukraine.

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