I hope😁😁😁

via I hope Hi you, I want to help you! We all suffer writers block sometimes More than offen. It's ok to feel like that Take deep breaths, drink lot's  of water Go for a walk outside in the sunshine Fill your head with Vitimin D to heal the brain. Then return and reblog all … Continue reading I hope😁😁😁


A letter to my husband 💥💥

I never had that feeling of butterflies whenever we are together. For me it's always been a tsunami. No it's more like a hurricane, or, maybe a tornado. So more powerful I don't want it to stop Anyway I can't stop it coming Waiting for the aftermath of floating calmness ( knocked out again😁)

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message. Sons and daughters who seek my love and guidance, Know that my completion of things to come will hold you as a part of something new created for you. Some of you have contributed in its foundation and I watch over you all with love and encouragement. I wish to see all within … Continue reading Jesus Message.