I JUST WANNA!” a.k.a.: “What’s Goin’ On?!” a.k.a.: “Maybe It’s Best Not To Believe In Much AT ALL!!!” 🙂 November 1, 2017 {Wednesday}

She = S; He = H Yet, interchangeable! 🙂

S “I just wanna be happy!” She said.

H (And) Then, “God” took her – and She was dead!

S “I believe in karma (pause)

And reincarnation –

That we ‘come back’ here and learn salvation!”

Take two – three or four! Or, as many as you wish, and even go to war!

H “So, my darling, my dearest, my life,

You want reincarnation? Get-ready-for-strife!”

Poof! She’s suddenly back in town;

She never died! Will she ever frown?

H (a soliloquy to The Audience!) “I’ll be her hubby and make her smile,

And we two-will travel ‘the miracle mile!’

And, on her death bed, she looked at me, thrilled!”

S Said, “What a happy life – my wishes fulfilled!”

“Tell me The Truth! – Will I always be happy?

Will I always find you – or – am I just ‘sappy?’”

H “Well, my dearest,” I suggested strong;

“IF-you-elect-reincarnation, your MIGHT need a song!”


Ya, you can get happy – for a life or two, But then YOU’ll decide, for a little boo-hoo! It’s just the nature of this place – It-requires-balance! Sad-and-happy-face!

S “Oh, dang,” She said; “I thought-that-might-be-so –

Well, I did have really happy – during this ‘go.’”

H “Yes, yes, My Precious, I-was-happy-too,

But Divinity – is a 2-Faced Shrew!

‘God’ gives some of this – and then some of that!

IF lucky with both – {show} “The Welcome Mat!”

fin? ❤

or … Gentle Reader(s), you can start the poem with a different beginning:

S “I just wanna be happy,” that’s what She said.

H “Let’s-see-what-we-can-do!” And we jumped into bed!