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  1. Your comment always wise and appreciate it thank you and peace be with you always

  2. we need to encourage the light, there is too much talk of doom, as Jesus says, God resides in all…


I JUST WANNA!” a.k.a.: β€œWhat’s Goin’ On?!” a.k.a.: β€œMaybe It’s Best Not To Believe In Much AT ALL!!!” πŸ™‚ November 1, 2017 {Wednesday}

She = S; He = H Yet, interchangeable! πŸ™‚

S β€œI just wanna be happy!” She said.

H (And) Then, β€œGod” took her – and She was dead!

S β€œI believe in karma (pause)

And reincarnation –

That we β€˜come back’ here and learn salvation!”

Take two – three or four! Or, as many as you wish, and even go to war!

H β€œSo, my darling, my dearest, my life,

You want reincarnation? Get-ready-for-strife!”

Poof! She’s suddenly back in town;

She never died! Will she ever frown?

H (a soliloquy to The Audience!) β€œI’ll be her hubby and make her smile,

And we two-will travel β€˜the miracle mile!’

And, on her death bed, she looked at me, thrilled!”

S Said, β€œWhat a happy life – my wishes fulfilled!”

β€œTell me The Truth! – Will I always be happy?

Will I always find you – or – am I just β€˜sappy?’”

H β€œWell, my dearest,” I suggested strong;

β€œIF-you-elect-reincarnation, your MIGHT need a song!”


Ya, you can get happy – for a life or two, But then YOU’ll decide, for a little boo-hoo! It’s just the nature of this place – It-requires-balance! Sad-and-happy-face!

S β€œOh, dang,” She said; β€œI thought-that-might-be-so –

Well, I did have really happy – during this β€˜go.’”

H β€œYes, yes, My Precious, I-was-happy-too,

But Divinity – is a 2-Faced Shrew!

β€˜God’ gives some of this – and then some of that!

IF lucky with both – {show} β€œThe Welcome Mat!”

fin? <3

or … Gentle Reader(s), you can start the poem with a different beginning:

S β€œI just wanna be happy,” that’s what She said.

H β€œLet’s-see-what-we-can-do!” And we jumped into bed!