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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door “‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more” Dreaming of Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞


This is pretty cool! 🐁

Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer from Sheffield, United Kingdom. When he saw some mice in his garden, he didn’t go running for an option to get rid of them, he took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed some awesome pictures of the little creatures.

In order to get the pictures he wanted, he created the little houses for the mice named George and Mildred and their baby, Mini. 💕

Jack Donohoe: An Overview AUSTRALIA

He inspired a whole generation of Australian convicts with his acts of defiance and disregard for the rule of law. Songs were written about him, his name became a byword for lawless colonials, yet so few know who Bold Jack Donohoe really was.

Thinking about change. Take a look at the latest Cuts and colours. WARNING: If your hair is long never jump into these changes. Talk to your stylist you trust. Gradually your Stylist will work over some months to this length. Sudden changes can also change your personality and not for the best outcome.

This Style here is high matietance

Be prepared to a weekly visit to your Stylist

On Tend Styles like this also High Matienace

From long hair to this style overnight, shock factor. It’s not long enough to pull back when you are continually trying to swipe the hair from your eyes. Also note the choppy ends. This Style needs trimming regularly otherwise it always looks messy.

These 3 styles never look like this in reality . The structures of the styles have been sprayed with Texture Spray to achieve these looks for cameras. The ends again are far to layered for working women. The streaks are fine but always receive a written quote before you go ahead. A great Stylist will be happy to do this. If not leave.

“Shed A Tear For The Man In Black!” Mystic Poet 🌟🌟

“BACK IN BLACK!” a poem a.k.a.: “Shed A Tear For The Man In Black!” Thursday: October 4, 2018

“The Man in Black” – has met his match;

Ja – son – Ro – man! How did he catch,

The subtle nuance – of Johnny’s* song?

“The Train’s A-coming!” His voice is strong;

His voice is sure, with macho tone:

Ja – son – Ro -man! THE WOMEN MOAN!

The men? Impressed! By His “Country Flair:”

It’s DEEP! Suave-style! of-the-songs He’ll share:

Ja – son – Ro – man; he’s an April guy,

And we love that “country” – in his eye,

And-YES! April-will-sing-LAMBERT – to-his-CASH!

The two – together? They’ve got a “stash,”

Of golden-harmony, filled with passion,

A BURNING FIRE! That’s-always-in-fashion!

Ja – son – Ro – man, A MAN IN BLACK!

“Tip your barmaids,” and don’t look back!

Just sing OUT – here – and hear the cheer,

For Jason’s Johnny – we’ll shed a tear! 🙂

fin ❤

* – Johnny Cash, former country western singing star, who married June Carter, another country singing sensation (of the prestigious CARTER FAMILY).

The noun tump has an obscure etymology.😅 Oh my, looked like TRUMP 🌞😂 and sounds like Trump 🤔😅

British Dialect. A small mound, hill, or rise of ground.
British Dialect. A clump of grass, shrubs, or trees, especially rising from a swamp or bog.
British Dialect. A heap or stack, as a haystack.

Despite the fine afternoon sunlight all around, the tump itself seemed steeped in perpetual shadow, brooding and ominous.
Stephen R. Lawhead, The Spirit Well, 2012
They buried the coffin in their garden. No cross marked it, just a brown tump in the bleak landscape.
Willy Peter Reese, A Stranger to Myself, translated by Michael Hofmann, 2005

The noun tump has an obscure etymology. It is a dialect word used mostly in the British West Country (Somerset, Cornwall) and the West Midlands (around Birmingham). Tump may come from the Welsh noun twmp “round mass, hillock,” unless the Welsh word comes from English. Tump entered English in the 16th century.


President Trump


Loving people of whom you show yourselves as my brothers and sisters. hear me cry out to you and ask that you dont contain God in your buildings , be that temples of old ways, or churches. ( For I reign in Heaven and I have already have shown myself to you by my Son having made it possible for you to return to freedom and in your connection to the Spirit Jesus sent to you, allowed your freedom to be everywhere and in the love he sent. Gather in places of fellowship but know I am in all life and I can be found there also. Let no-one try and organize your freedom unless it be your choice. There is no right and wrong in my presents, only love and respect for what I offer you. Oppose not my messengers for you offend me. My messenger who is laying down these words to you is brave for he feels if it be wrong I would not love him. But nothing can be further from the truth for he has a heart that kingdoms of love can be created because the faith he shows in me. Now I ask of you all. be free to love the life I freely give and hold up to others your smile and presence as you expose that which is holy in you as a witness and a warning of things to come when hearts have opposed my love to create that which is beautiful. Be that seen or unseen the connection will be in your heart. The faith in my son Jesus and the gift of the most Holy connection in my Holy Spirit is because of my love. be you that from this day forward my love in all that you do , and until that time you return I will overlook where you may stumble and I will send angels to help you to your feet.) . Blessings. Luke Le Bree.