Two autistic boys have been found malnourished, in soiled nappies and living in squalid conditions. Sadly they were known to the Department of Child Safety.Two autistic boys have been found malnourished, in soiled nappies and living in squalid conditions. Sadly they were known to the Department of Child Safety.

::::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING ::::::::::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING ::::::::::::::::::::::

Two teenage boys with autism, in a squalid room wearing nappies that sag to their knees. Excrement is smeared on the walls.
A blow-up mattress is the only furnishing. These boys are aged 17 and 19 and barely have communication skills. Their father lies dead in the front yard, passed away of natural causes.

Their tragic story has been told more than once to anyone who would listen, but sadly nothing was done to protect them.
Why ?

Photos were taken two years ago by a concerned neighbour, who along with others in the suburban Brisbane street, reported their concerns to the Department of Child Safety and police. But the teenagers, aged 17 and 19, remained at the home until last week when police found them inside malnourished and wearing only nappies. Police were called to the property where they found the body of the boys’ father in the front yard.

A woman who lived nearby said the squalid conditions of the boys’ bedroom can be seen from her kitchen window and for years she had tried to help them.

“Oh, [it is] extremely difficult to see it, hear it, know it all the time and not being able to do anything about it and to try and get things done about it,” she said.

“But just not being heard by people who could change it.”
In October 2018, she took photos.

“Because I knew I needed evidence,” she said.

“I knew I couldn’t just say they were living like that — with poo and urine, I knew it needed to be filmed.”

Another neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said she called the Department of Child Safety in February of this year but was told there was nothing they could do. She reported concerns about the boys being locked outside with no protection in the harsh summer heat.

The woman said her family had observed “disgusting” mistreatment of the boys over the past 18 months.

“He would lock them outside in nothing but a nappy; they had no clothes on, from what I could see no sunscreen, they had no hats and they had no water,” she said.

“I rang [the department] because to me, I couldn’t believe how hot it was, that you would leave a child outside. The only shade they had was this small landing, which was probably a metre by a metre.

“[The department] basically said because they technically have shade, and they technically are in an enclosed yard, there’s nothing that they can do, which doesn’t sit well with me being a mum.

“They didn’t even ask me for the address.

” They should send someone around even if it’s just to check in. It’s appalling.”

The neighbour said she “basically explained everything that I had seen” to the child safety officer. “This man used to speak to these children like they were the scum on his shoes. He would tell them to ‘shut the f*** up’.

“For a punishment, he would shut them out and lock the front door and one time I saw him throw the kids outside … and then he let the dog inside. It was just disgusting.”

The neighbour said she was shocked to learn the boys were teenagers because she had always believed they were primary school age from their size.

“Just last week I saw one of the boys get off the bus and his arm was probably two of my fingers thick,” she said.

“I was just mortified because I’ve never seen him that skinny before.”

The teenage boys are now in the Prince Charles Hospital. The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women said it could not confirm what it knew of the situation.

“The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is guided by the Child Protection Act which has as its paramount principle the protection of children — which includes their identity.

“The strict provisions of this Act make it illegal to disclose publicly whether an individual or family is known or not known to the department.”

The plight of disabled children has been thrust into the spotlight recently with the horrendous death of young Willow. Now these boys appear to have been raised without any love, their needs apparently entirely neglected by their so called father. Found wearing only the nappies on their hips, on their blow up air mattress in a locked room. That is no kind of life for any child, it is inexcusable, especially knowing reports had been made to authorities.

How is this allowed to happen? This is 2020 not 1920, reports of neglect and mis-treatment of a child must be investigated.

It is beyond me how we can consider ourselves to be a civilised nation and yet our most vulnerable are suffering. We simply cannot allow this to continue. We must send a clear and concise message that this is totally unacceptable in today’s society. We already have the laws and punishments in place, all we need to do is enforce them.

Time and again we see pathetic sentences given to those who neglect children, who allow them to live in squalor and yes, even to starve to death.

We have an opportunity with little Willow’s alleged killer or killers, to send an undeniable message, that she mattered, her life had value and to take it, through neglect or any other means is not ok and will be punished.

Queensland’s Child Safety Minister Di Farmer has ordered an independent investigation into Willow’s death, as well as the separate case of these 2 teenage brothers.


We will be waiting to see the outcome of these investigations and what will be done to ensure this is never allowed to happen again.

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