Twin Souls

⚜ Once in a while, Once in a Lifetime ⚜

I feel like the twin flame journey is too often romanticized to the point that it has become a “trend”.

That’s not what this journey is about…

let go of the expectations you have of your twin when it comes to a romantic scenario and focus on love itself.


If you can truthfully say that you’d be alright even if your twin only wanted friendship then you’re in a really good spot.

The whole purpose of meeting your twin is to shed the egoic ways of looking at and showing love and be able to simply BE love.

This is a journey of your SOUL and you and your twin share that soul.

The soul is your spirit, it is what you are.

You are not the thoughts in your mind, that’s just the narrative.

The thoughts you have about your twin are actually based on how you feel about yourself.

The answer is simple: love yourself and that love will encompass your soul, which equally effects you and your twin.

Follow your passion in life and let go of the idea that romantic love is the only option because, my friends, love is SO much more than that ♡

By ace101

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