Trust 😔💥🙌

The heroes that inspire us are the ones in which we see a glimpse of our own potential.

Trustworthy, dependable, reliable.

What do those words describe to you?

Would other say that your word is your bond?

Successful people in life and at work place a premium on keeping their promises and their commitments.

If they say they’ll do something, they DO it!

They count on the fact that people can count on them.

And, they understand that statements like “I was gonna, or I meant to, or I haven’t forgotten” all translate the same way.

I JUST DIDN’T DO IT! Those are just lame excuses, so they are close to meaningless.

Most of the time we DO intend to keep “our word” and promises, but good intentions only take you so far.

You get no “points” for developing the expectation, you only get “points” when you deliver.

So don’t make promises lightly.

When you do make commitments to your manager, your co-worker, or your customer, your friend, do what it takes to make good on them.

Those people are depending on you. Those people are expecting on you to keep your word.

Your reputation is at stake, and your success at work and in life is on the line.

Embrace your passion and allow your strengths to grow. Your confidence in your abilities will naturally grow as well.

By ace101

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