Trust, be not afraid.

Life is full of wonder

Open child trusting eyes to all I’m doing for you.

Fear not.

Only a few steps and then My Power shall be seen and known .

You are, yourselves, walking in the tunnel of darkness.

Soon, yourselves shall be lights to guild feet that are afraid.

The cries of your sufferings have pierced the ears of God himself ~ My Father in Heaven, your Father in Heaven.

To hear, with God is to answer.

For only a cry from the heart, a call to the Divine Power to help human weakness, trusting cry, ever reaches the ear DIVINE

Remember, trembling heart, that with GOD to hear is to answer.

Your prayers, and they have been many, are answered ⚜️⚜️

I am ” HE.”

(AUSTRALIA) Rio Tinto Report: Mining giant has faced a shareholder revolt over a $10m (£7.2m) bonus for its outgoing boss after his ‘Aboriginal Sacred Cave Blast’ in WA #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.09: In a rare development, 61% of votes cast at its annual meeting opposed the firm’s executive remuneration package: The backlash comes after the company destroyed sacred Aboriginal rock shelters in Western Australia last May: AUSTRALIA: Juukan Gorge: Rio Tinto investors in pay revolt over sacred cave blast: In its report – titled […]

(JOHANNESBURG) JUST IN: The eldest son of South Africa’s late Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has been chosen as successor to the throne, amid a bitter family feud #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.08: Prince Misizulu, 46, was named in the will of Zulu Queen Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu – his mother – who died unexpectedly last week: There were dramatic scenes as the will was read out, with some family members openly voicing their disapproval: Prince Misizulu named next Zulu king amid family feud: Queen Dlamini-Zulu was […]

(BRAZIL) #Coronavirus Report: False information from the mouths of politicians and preachers is reaching remote villages in the Amazon via WhatsApp, reports BBC News Brasil’s Juliana Gragnani #AceNewsDesk report

#CoronavirusNewsDesk – The misinformation bubble threatening Brazil’s indigenous people: A helicopter loaded with health workers and coronavirus vaccine doses took off from Labrea, in the southern part of the Amazon, heading to a village some 50km away: The Anti-Vax Files: A new series from BBC Trending, on the World Service from 05:30 GMT Saturday. Download […]

(AUSTRALIA) ACCC REPORT: Grants interim authorisation for Country Press Australia (CPA) members to collectively negotiate with Facebook and Google over payments to publishers for their news content that appears on the platforms #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.08: Authorisation will enable CPA members to collectively negotiate with each of Facebook and Google, engage in discussions with each other and exchange information about those negotiations. Without authorisation, these collective bargaining arrangements would risk breaching competition laws as no platforms have yet been ‘designated’ under the news bargaining code, which would automatically […]


Before I proceed with the other intimate European contacts, I must note two or three items of importance. One of the contacts, however, should be mentioned at once. The appointment of Miss Dick was not enough for my purpose. I needed more assistance. I have in the earlier chapters referred to Mr Ritch. I knew […]

(AUSTRALIA) #Coronavirus Report: #COVID19 restrictions will be re-introduced across Greater Sydney in response to an eastern suburbs couple in their 50s testing positive to the virus #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – May.08: Although “disease detectives” know the man contracted the virus from a returning traveller at the Park Royal at Darling Harbour, there was no direct contact between that man and the traveller so there is still a missing link. #CoronavirusNewsDesk – Sydney’s new #COVID19 restrictions mean masks are in, dancing is out and […]

(NEW ZEALAND) #Coronavirus Report: Will reinstate the #COVID19 travel bubble with New South Wales from Sunday, if there are no further significant developments #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – May.08: Since then NSW has had two consecutive days of no community transmission, while restrictions have limited gatherings at home and in indoor venues: #CoronavirusNewsDesk – New Zealand reinstates #COVID19 travel bubble with NSW: The country decided to temporarily pause quarantine-free travel on Thursday after two #COVID19 cases were detected in Sydney. Posted 2h ago, updated 2h ago […]

‘Ace News Room U.K. Daily News’

This is our daily list of posts on that are shared across Twitter & Facebook and Shared here on  ‘Todays selection of posts from across our publishing panel, Twitter & Telegram with Kindness & Love❤️’ May.08, 2021: @acenewsservices Newspaper headlines: ‘Labour in turmoil’ as PM ‘eyes decade in power’ BBC News: Staff: The i […]

‘Ace News Room China Daily News’

This is our daily list of posts on that are shared across Twitter & Facebook and Shared here on  ‘Todays selection of posts from across our publishing panel, Twitter & Telegram with Kindness & Love❤️’ May.08, 2021: @acenewsservices China in the News: May 8, 2021 Craig Hill: China Flag Daily news headlines about China from […]


In Johannesburg, I had at one time as many as four Indian clerks, who were perhaps more like my sons than clerks. But even these were not enough for my work. It was impossible to do without typewriting, which, among us, if at all, only I knew. I taught it to two of the clerks, […]

Red Lips ~

There are only two things now, The great black night scooped out And this fireglow. This fireglow, the core, And we the two ripe pips That are held in store. Listen, the darkness rings As it circulates round our fire. Take off your things. Your shoulders, your bruised throat! Your breasts, your nakedness! This fiery […]

Daniel Whyte III Has Stated for Years Now That if Over 50 Percent of Pastors Would Resign the Church Would See Revival, Well the Coronavirus Plague and Other Things Have Kicked Many Pastors Out of the Ministry and He Says Good Riddance, if You Can Quit on Jesus You Were Never Called and Probably Never Saved

(RNS) — Jeff Weddle, a 46-year-old, wise-cracking, self-deprecating, Bible-loving, self-described “failing pastor” from Wisconsin, was already thinking of leaving the ministry before COVID and the 2020 election. He was, as he put it, fed up with church life after two decades as a pastor. Then, what he called “the stupid” — feuds about politics and […]

Kisses ~

Now I am all One bowl of kisses, Such as the tall Slim votaresses Of Egypt filled For a God’s excesses. I lift to you My bowl of kisses, And through the temple’s Blue recesses Cry out to you In wild caresses. And to my lips’ Bright crimson rim The passion slips, And down my […]

(AUSTRALIA) Royal Commission Into Aged Care Quality & Safety Report: What it is like to be a ‘Registered Nurse’ in the ‘Care Industry’ and three dedicated professionals and how it makes them feel devalued #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – May.08: Registered nurse Jocelyn Hofman starts crying when she describes what it is like to work in aged care: It upsets me because I have dedicated my life to aged care, but my work is being devalued,” she says: AUSTRALIA: Three aged care workers on what it’s really like in the industry: It’s […]

(GENEVA) WHO #Coronavirus Report: Grants emergency approval for the #COVID19 vaccine made by Chinese firm Sinopharm #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – May.08: It is the first vaccine developed by a non-Western country to get WHO backing: China has already vaccinated millions of people at home and in 45 other countries: #CoronavirusNewsDesk Sinopharm: Chinese #COVID19 vaccine gets WHO emergency approval: In April, China’s top disease control official said the efficacy of the country’s Covid vaccines […]

(BRAZIL) JUST IN: Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest rose by 43% in April compared to the same month last year, government data has shows #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.08: A total of 1,157 sq km (446 sq miles) of rainforest were destroyed in the first four months of 2021. This was down 4% from a year earlier: BRAZIL: Amazon Rainforest: Deforestation rises ahead of dry season: A group of food businesses in the UK have threatened to stop sourcing products from […]

(MALDIVES) JUST IN: Former President Mohamed Nasheed is in a critical condition following a bomb attack #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.08: A British national was among four others injured in the blast, which is being treated as a terrorist incident. No-one has claimed the attack: Mohamed Nasheed: ‘Maldives ex-president in critical condition after bomb blast: Australian police are travelling to the island to help investigate’ he was jailed under anti-terror laws, after being […]

(TAIWAN) Top Court Report: Indigenous communities have lost an eight-year legal battle over hunting rights because of environmental concerns #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.08: But Taiwan’s top court ruled that while some of the current rules are unconstitutional, it wouldn’t overturn them, because environmental protections “are equally important”. Taiwan apologises to indigenous groups after they lose the court fight for hunting rights and they can only hunt on certain days, using homemade rifles, and need special […]

‘Ace News Room With Kindness & Wisdom’

This is our daily list of posts that are shared across Twitter & Facebook and Shared here on  ‘Todays selection of posts from across our publishing panel, Twitter & Telegram with Kindness & Love❤️’  May.08, 2021: @AceDailyNews  Florida Police Chase Involved Man Who Stole Two Police CruisersMay 7, 2021A wild police chase in central Florida […]

‘Ace Daily News With Kindness & Wisdom’

This is our daily list of posts on that are shared across Twitter & Facebook and Shared here on  ‘Todays selection of posts from across our publishing panel, Twitter & Telegram with Kindness & Love❤️’ May.08, 2021: @acenewsservices (KENT) LATEST: Kent Police Report: Detectives investigating the murder of community officer Julia James are “not […]


Take God’s invitation today; come to Him with the confidence that He will keep His promises. Whatever your need is today, declare God’s Word and remind Him of His promises. It not only builds your faith, but God is faithful to His Word, and it sets the miracle you need into motion!

(AUSTRALIA) #Coronavirus Report: PM Scott Morrison Claims the country was outperforming other countries with his vaccine programme but this fact check below does not bear that claim out …

#AceHealthReport – May.08: Prime Minister Scott Morrison this month defended the Government’s record, claiming Australia had outperformed Germany, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan at the same stage of their vaccination rollouts: ABC News: Scott Morrison claimed Australia was outperforming other countries with its coronavirus vaccination rollout. Was he correct? Mr Morrison made his claim […]

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