True Love

“[TRUE] LOVE’S ONLY MISSION.” a poem October 31, 2019 (Thursday)

“Why do you think I’ve come?”

Said LOVE; “Cause you’re a bum,



“No, try again.” (pause)

“To convince me? that I’m steeped in sin?”

“Nope. That’s close; now, you have only 3 more guesses.”

“Is it to deny me any pretty dresses?”

“Nope. Now, only 2; I know you can do it.”

“Is it to remind me to have a conniption fit,

And work a lot harder and strain more & more,

TryingToAcquireTheOneI’mDreamingOf? Is THAT your chore?”


True Love

“H LL, screw you; I give up; what the heck IS your mission?”

“It’s (are you ready?) TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED.” “You mean, I can go fishin’ ?”

“Sure, WITH MY BLESSINGS; aren’t you relieved right now?”

“Well, (pause) I guess. YEAH, I AM. Oh, WOW;

I’m SOGLAD that, when the ‘best’ comes, I can just get used to it & let the feeling fade.”

“Yeah, isn’t that great?” “Yeah, I can simply ‘rain on your parade.’ “

“That’s right; ’cause I just LOVE YOU SO,

That NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you can TRULY know,

That I will NOT fade or ever go away

OR, if I’m FORCED TO LEAVE, I’ll come back another day,

LIKE TOMORROW, or as soon as you imagine I’m really, probably gone for good.”

“All right. I like that.”

“Yeah, I knew you would.”

fin <3


By ace101

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