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“TRIBUTE TO ANDREW!” a poem Oct. 30, 2018. (Tuesday) The Feast (Day) of St. Andrew, The Apostle, is generally celebrated on November 30th (Nov. 30 – Dec. 3); however, one month before that date (today, which is the 30th of October) may be more accurate, according to some sources. None-the-less, it was St. Andrew, unwilling to be killed in the manner of his Master Jesus, who insisted on being crucified on a diagonal cross. The “Saltire” is a type of cross and is used on the Scottish flag, being as Scotland, as well as Russia, Greece, Romania et al, celebrates St. Andrew as their Patron Saint. Andrew was crucified in Greece in approx. 60 A. D. On this day before All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween), I thought to write this poem to celebrate the life of St. Andrew, who was the brother of St. Peter, a fisherman as well, and the person who “brought” Simon Peter to Jesus. He was, as some have suggested, “The Great Leader of the Apostolic Band!” Without further ado, here is the “Tribute to (St.) Andrew:”

Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter,

Brought his brother to The Leader.

He took a lowly, humble post –

And died upon The Cross!-we’ll boast,

Of his sacri-ficial-humility!

He smiled gently – with-civil-ity;

He died upon – a diagonal cross,

Not worthy to die – as did his “boss?”

And, now, on this, his sacred day,

We declare him “Crystal-clear” and say:

“All Hail, The Brother of The Rock – – – Who delivered Simon, at the dock – – – For both he and his brother, fishermen were – – – And both would certainly endure – – – The rigors of The Master’s path – – – and suffer too The World’s wrath!”

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