HIGHER SELF?  HEART?Are you left behind?    a sad, sad state? When, for the journey, you could not wait, When the future      looked so bright,When with high spirits, things seemed right.
And then you’re told, “You have been cut,”You seem to be here  in a rut,
WILL?  LOWER SELF?”Can’t I come?”  
MIND?:”No, stay behind?”
The Heart is broken?, and The Mind,Says: 
MIND:  “Ha, I fooled you; you’re not strong,So you are left; can’t come along.”
LOWER SELF?  WILL?So, in this broken heap I lie.Asking just the question “WHY?”
MIND? Answer: “Pridefulness, that’s all;Embrace your Darkness; perhaps, we’ll call.”

MIND?Even this poem, prideful be.You write to gain some sympathy.You write to put more poetry,Before the gaze of The Fairy, Who trusted you and trusts you still,To overcome your twisted will,
HIGHER SELF?   FAIRY?  :There, Mind condemns you once again.The Mind’s beliefs become your sin,And, yet, The Fairy Princess knows,What you can only just suppose,That your salvation is assured,But Happiness appears detoured.

LOWER SELF? Will everyone then find their place?
HOPE, FAIRY:”Yes,” Fairy Answers; “And it’s by Grace.”
True Love will NEVER leave behind;You may not know, despite your mind,You always have Love’s angels near,And, by Faith, when your sight is clear,A multitude of Love and Light,Is clearly with you and The Night,Gives way to promise, Hopeful Dawn,And hopeless Mind’s beliefs are gone.
My Faith so weak.  How can I wait?My Mind’s pure torment  seems so great.
You are so easy; child’s play,To torment you throughout each day.
FAIRY?:Don’t listen to this dreadful voice.You have the right; you have the choice . . .

I have been writing for two hours.This could go on       these poisoned flowers,Of constant, tortured, poems and thought,This is where Mind has got me caught.On and On and On  we’ll go.Love is here, and Grace can show.

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