I am unique
May be eccentric
Even weird.

But I’m not ordinary
I want to stand out
Wherever I go
And I stand out
Wherever I am
And to gain this
I go superficial
I go profound
In word and deed.

Pink Floyd didn’t sing
The brick wall song
To portray me
But my antithesis.

I ain’t part of the crowd
I TO BE LIKE NO ONE ELSE on the fringes
To watch the tamasha
The rats running the race.

I am not successful
I am not ambitious
I am not aggressive
But passive, detached
A limited edition
Without any ego.

So if you stare at me
As if I am a freak
An alien, a Martian
I don’t mind at all
I designed myself
To seem so, eminently.
Even take it a compliment.

All these coz I believe in myself!

All these things may be nothing special

I am Special cause I am loyal, honest and kind

And right now I’m up for sale if you are looking for a compassionate model

I don’t cost anything to feed. I am self-employed. Moderately battered by wear. 😔

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