Time is a precious gift⚜️⚜️

The most beautiful thing you can get and give someone dear is time. There are no words, no flowers, no gifts, no time, or time. Because he does not return and what he gave you is only yours, whether it was an hour or a life. Nothing comes back from what you gave. Give your time to your loved ones, because any material thing will pass away, but the memory of the time spent together will remain forever
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Time is a precious gift⚜️⚜️

By ace101

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Everything has its own time factor and sits even in the development of man… consciousness does not fall out of the blue sky, it is a hard job to digest all experiences that come along us, a riping process which indeed needs time…

All the best my friend and thanks for sharing 🙂

Didi⚜️ Indeed time heals but dread leaves a scar so deep and raw. The upside to loss, is nobody is able to steal those memories from you 😁 blessings Didis you are a wise man ⚜️⚜️😌😌😌⚜️⚜️

Thank you, my dear friend 🙂

With the time passing even bitter medicine may turn into positivity and we start to be thankful, so crazy it sound, but also for those things that left deep scars in us – it seems that without problems, without those scars in us, we may not really learn our lessons – in the end we understand it as a help…
Credit goes to my Master.
All the best, my friend 🙂

No, my dear friend, I am not a Master, simply trying to become a human being sharing the teaching of my Master 🙂
Have a great time, my friend 🙂

My dear friend, please do not be disappointed when I do not participate in awards sharing as I have already joined it many times before I stopped it about 2 years ago. I feel very much honoured and thankful that you have nominated me for the Liebster Award. Now is the time that also all other people should have this opportunity and so I make free space for them.

But one thing I can do for you: to give you a warm virutual hug in thankfulness, my dear friend.
Love and light to you

😂😂😂😂 Didis, you know how much we love your graphics how could I not nominate you 😂😂 of course, I’m not disappointed, Sir, I have a little secret to make you laugh 😂 I don’t know what I’m doing either 🤪🤪 I thought I would try seeing I disappoint others too. Oh my did I make a mess of that? 😂😂 Those bloggers are clever little things they sure do us, graphic design guys, behind the scenes 😂😂😂 congrats 👏 to Bloggers ❤️❤️⚜️⚜️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Well, my friend, it is good to burst out laughing with a sense of humour – laughing from one’s heart is the true medicine we all would need more often 🙂 😂 😂 😂 – in my case, I am not a graphic designer, but a computer specialist and language expert. So I can combine my hobby with my profession. Let us smile and laugh together, my friend 🙂 😂
Have a great time – by the well I love to be silly too every now and then, this we all should do more often – life is serious enough…

Hugs and love

Well, this time maybe some garden work but there will still be some time for preparing a video, a kind of dia-show of my best art work – however, this video will take some time to be ready.
Hugs and love, dear friend
A warm smile

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