This-was “UNCLE DIETER” from-Germany! And, eventually, Dieter wed, My Sweet-Aunt, on-my-mother’s-side: MARGERY, an Opera Star!

Background :
A call came from-my-cousin,* to-say, “My Father’s dead!”
This-was “UNCLE DIETER” from-Germany! And, eventually, Dieter wed,
My Sweet-Aunt, on-my-mother’s-side: MARGERY, an Opera Star!
Uncle Dieter-TEDE was in the shipping business; he flourished, going far,
With-a-superb demeanor, and-three cele-brated off-spring:
Kirsten, Nikola and Karl! I really-think BELLS should ring!**

“BELLS FOR UNCLE DIETER (TEDE)!” a poem 1 Aug 2019 (Thursday)
As-a-youngster, He was-“dislocated” with-his-family, during war;* He-eventually came-over to The-Americas,* and he-was looking for: A fresh, new start and-he-was determined-to-succeed, And Uncle Dieter, as he often did, was the one to take the lead! He established Marine Chartering, a worldwide enterprise,
He married my Aunt Margery, and their family was a prize!
Bright and capable, talented and kind!
Although-now-these-family-“heads”-have-passed, they-will-not, from-my-mind:

For instance, I remember playing Scrabble, with these 2 Giants-of-Intellect,
And learning grace and humility – and commanding others’ respect!
They were Pillars of The(ir) Community****, St. Francis would be proud,
Loving one another – and modest in a crowd!
Well, years-did-pass! He-retired-from-shipping-and-began-to pro-duce wine,
For many glorious seasons, we’ve-received Fruit of The Vine,
And, through it all, My Uncle Dieter – helped all things to grow,
And I-loved his German heritage – and his accent would always show!
And to the end He spoke – with dignity and passion,
And, as his nephew, I’m so glad – this-poem I-was-allowed to “fashion,”
To help to peal The Bells for an Uncle, who-set “the bar” for me,

To strive for excellence and to-be kind – and to-[always} show: HU-MIL-I-TY!
fin ♥


And if some tears are here-upon this-note, you- all should know,
I didn’t tell him near enough, that-I-really loved him so! 🙂 – Auf Wiedersehen!

  • – Nikola Tede, a medical doctor (California Pacific Medical Center) She lives in Muir Beach, Calif. and called this afternoon. I hadn’t heard from her in years.

  • ** – At sea, the bell is used to signal the presence of important persons.

  • *** – close to World War II, The Tede Family was held captive in their East German home by Russian Communists; after their release (many years later) Dieter Tede bought back his childhood home!

  • **** – He first landed in South America, but would settle in San Francisco, California.


  • * –

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