This is Australia First Nations People respect to all Elders Past ~ Present didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal 🖤💛❤️


Planetary Conjunction, Dec 21, 2020, ULURU

Australian Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers A Global Light Message

Budyari mulinawal mullabu didjurigur mullabu yura 🖤💛❤️ good morning all women all men, I bring you this message from the Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers.

Still seems to be a bit of confusion as to intent and time for ceremony in December, hopefully this will clarify matters a little.

The time on a clock or watch is used to keep track of Mother’s cycles, her solstices, equinoxes, lunar phases, tides and weather patterns. We have no need of clocks or watches when we are attuned to Mother’s cycles.

Mother needs warming, and we have at our disposal the most efficient warming energy in the universe, LOVE. When enough people send thoughts and energy of pure love to Mother, Mother feels the love and it warms her heart.

A hibernating Serpent requires a warming to awaken. When we warm Mother we initiate an incubation process that will rouse the Rainbow Serpent from her long slumber, bringing forth the changes to Mother that are said to come next.

Please send pure love to Mother from wherever you are, at the time of the solstice in your location, and together we will warm our sacred Mother to her heart.

didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal 🖤💛❤️

Additional Information:

Know this is a great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 – the same date of the December Solstice. It will be the first Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 2000, and the closest Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 1623.

Global Family, we ask you to be in a space of PURE HEART. Create small groups or simply be on your own and send love to Gaia at the above time. An opportunity to assist Gaia and all Light Beings. A chance to greatly assist the Planetary Upgrade.

To work out your time zone, visit websites to convert times. December 21, 9.02 pm AEDT.

Many groups are forming around the world to send LOVE to Gaia at the above time. The purity of your Heart Love is the Focus dear one xo

We would like you to part of this Global Event – Light Family.

Sending Waves Of Universal Love, for Light Workers to join in a space of Global Unity.

Please Share Light Family 🙏

With Love & Gratitude for Mother Gaia❤🌏❤


Global Family, Uluru Central Australia.
Thank you Artist ❤🌏🙏

By ace101

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