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I often ask Folk to explain to me the term “Sin” oh yes, we read about Sin in the Bible. I’m not talking about the term meaning of Sin. I’m mystified about “self Sin.”

“I’m a terrible individual cause I am a Sinner”

I’m throwing this question out today for all to answer?


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Jesus came to take our sins away ………..and many decided that he should be crucified instead of of a thief and a murderer: So what happened to those sins that now remain on the earth as in buSINness and this has happened since Judas and the thirty pieces of silver thrown across a price of land that was called aceledama.
So we now we have the world that is full of thieves and murders and the sins of greed, avarice and 5 more ………So are these the sins that Jesus would have taken away and due to us breaking the commandment ‘ Thou Shalt Not Kill ‘ we now have a world, that lacks morals and daily so many break the 7-deadly sins and in so doing as Jesus said if you break one commandment you break them all Amen

Amen. Forgive me. Your time is precious. I was interested who would acknowledge. No different to Social Media. Blank. Yet I read many blogs from folk who quote understanding from Bible exerts. These folk did not comment. Strange that. Shalom ✨📯🕯⚜◾☮👑🐗

You do not need forgiveness and you are right people do not comment on religious beliefs and especially at times of panic like now as it tests their faith in their God by any other name ….you did nothing wrong its just timing is everything. Take ❤️ at this time in history as these changes were predicted by Jesus and must come before the birth of a new consciousness ….two things important above all else God is the Word and God is Love nothing else matters at present until its time and every second counts Amen

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