The Waiting Game 🔵

“THE WAITING GAME.” a poem a.k.a.: “We Just LOVE To Wait.” 12/09/19 (Monday)

Sometimes you get to wait for ALL YOUR DREAMS TO COME TRUE,

But, y’know, when you think you’re 20, or Twenty Two,

A LONG WAIT is: a year or (God Knows) three,

And YOUR DREAMS? Well, (at that age, how can?) they can seldom (be),

THAT GREAT, so wait (apparently) until you’re Fifty Five,

When THEN maybe you’ve had some “life experience(s),” and IT AIN’T NO “JIVE”

TO SAY (that): “You really haven’t lived very much until you’re Seventy Seven.”

So, IF all your dreams come true (apparently) aroundSIXTY,

You might be In Heaven;

Thus, if you can wait until you’re 60 or so,

You’ll be SO surprised that all your dreams came true, and you might (somehow) know,

That ALL YOUR DREAMS, all the REALLY GREAT dreams,

Don’t really come true until youKnow IT SEEMS,

That “The One True Love of Your Life,”

SHOWS UP, and you claim her as your wife,

And She’s been waiting since She was a little child,

For Her “perfect match” ALL THESE YEARS, and She’s JUST WILD,

About Harry or Bill or Jack,

Or who(m)everTurnsOutToBeHERperfectMatch, youKnow,

TheOneWho’ll”WatchHerBack,” And ALSO grab Her and kiss her strong.

SUDDENLY, it really doesn’t seem like She’s waited all that long.

However, sometimes you realize you DIDN’T (actually) WAIT, (pause) for time is a lie;

(Moral) “Yesterday AND Tomorrow is: The Blink of Your Eye.”

TOGETHER you’ve (always) been with your OneTrueLove all along; (pause)

Therefore, closeYourEyesALL YOUR DREAMS HAVE (already) COME TRUEsinceAllYourWishesAreGrantedALREADY, isn’t WAITING (just) pretty wrong?

Answer: NO, of course not; WE LOVE TO WAIT;

It’s “immediate WISH fulfillment” that we REALLY hate.

fin ♥

“So, young people: (Get) READY; SET; WAIT,

For YEARS or DECADES. WhatDoYouThink’boutTHAT? Isn’t waiting great?”

“Youth is NEVER wasted on the young very much.” The Mystic Poet

A Limerick, entitled: “When An Irresistible Impulse Meets An Overwhelming Urge.”

For TRUE LOVE, you don’t have to wait / The door gets knocked down, and your mate / Stands there with a grin, / & says: (pause) “I AM (pure) SIN.” / & you say: “You’re on time.” (pause) “NO, I’m late.” ♥


By ace101

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