The Twin Sisters Alpine Texas

“THE TWIN SISTERS!” a poem about the beautiful mountains situated West of Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.! for: Thursday, June 20, 2019

I love your girls; I love them BOTH!

I love: their size – and shape and growth!

They’ve grown so big – and tall and ripe;

I love your girls! It is NO hype!

They are the prettiest sisters I’ve seen,

And I’ve seen many, but none I deem,

As glorious – and choice and magnificent-as-these!

Your lovely girls – have got-me-on-my-knees!

I’m crawling! grasping! in-a greedy way;

Yearning! Ever-yearning – for their succulent-array!

Me – and-The-Twin-Sisters! One’s-“Oo-ooh!” The-other, “Ahhhhh!”

So fair they are! [It’s] a-menage-a-trois!

fin <3

Twin Sisters Alpine Texas America
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