“THE SUN TEA MADE IN SPAIN.” a poem December 12, 2019 (THOR says: “Friday The 13th is tomorrow, for gosh sakes.”)

“THE SUN TEA MADE IN SPAIN.” a poem December 12, 2019 (THOR says: “Friday The 13th is tomorrow, for gosh sakes.”)

She just likes to drive you friggin’ insane.


“Wouldn’t you like some Sun Tea made in Spain?

WARM JUICE? to put into Your Head?”

“No, dang it; I want iced tea. ICE TEA,” is what he said.

“But warm juice can WARM YOU and give you lots of cleaning.”

“NO. NO. JUST COLD,” He said, for He was really sensing,

PRESSURE from his shoulder(s) where The Demon Girl(s) sat,

OR was it (were they) (an) angel(s)?

“TheyAllLookTheSameToMe, kind of like a bat.”


So many choice, but you needn’t ask WHY.

Why not JUST CHOOSE whatever one just decide,


And SO abide,

In the confidence that WHICHEVER WAY YOU GO,

The Girl(s) on You Shoulder(s) must SURELY KNOW,


She loves The Sunshine,

And also The Rain,

And no doubt also wants to go to Spain.*

fin ♥

  • – or The Ukraine and make a collect call to The White House . . . and ask for Rudy Giuliani. (fact: Only 1/2 of 1/2% of Americans can spell his last name correctly. There, now it’s risen to 2/3 of 1/2%. I have done my patriotic duty and am now feeling confident that I can call Santa and DEMAND a Lionel Train, with special switch crossings. Yay! This is gonna be a GREAT CHRISTMAS after all, but maybe NOT for Lev Parnas. Ho, ho, ho! However, for ME and Judith Giuliani, I think it will be “a breath of fresh air.” There, now it’s risen to 3/4 of 1/2%. Enough said.)

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