The son of Convicted Paedophile Tony Jones said, while he couldnt say for certain he wouldn’t put it past him, when asked if his father took William Tyrrell.

The son of Convicted Paedophile Tony Jones said, while he couldnt say for certain he wouldn’t put it past him, when asked if his father took William Tyrrell.

It’s got to be a bad day when even your own son has turned on you. You have to be a particular breed of scum to have your own family not only turn their back on you but testify against you, especially in such a high profile case like the William Tyrrell inquest !

Jones showed exactly what level of scumbag he is when he threw a temper tantrum on the way out of court.

A person of interest in the William Tyrrell case has barged his way out of court, knocking a camera to the ground as he was asked if he was involved in the three-year-old’s disappearance.

On his way out of court after appearing at the William Tyrrell inquest, Tony Jones warned another cameraman he would be next as detectives rushed him to a car waiting outside Taree Court. What a tough guy, attacking a man holding a 60 pound camera trying to do his job.

Hey Tony if you didn’t want public attention and scrutiny, perhaps you shouldn’t have indecently assaulted an 11 year old girl!

The convicted sex offender had told the inquest he couldn’t remember what he did the day the three-year-old disappeared in 2014.

“I have no recollection, none whatsoever. And I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t scrapping … I was probably sleeping with Debbie’s friend next door.”

His now ex-wife Debbie Jones has previously told the inquest he left early that morning saying he was going scrapping with their son Duane Gardoll. But Mr Gardoll told the court that was a lie.

“Mum asked me where he was, I told her I hadn’t seen him all day,” he said.

Outside court Duane’s brother described his father as a “putrid dog”. When asked if he had done something to William Tyrrell, he said while he couldn’t say for certain he wouldn’t put it past him.

Jones was jailed for the aggravated indecent assault of an 11-year-old girl, but has never been charged in relation to William Tyrrell.

He was also asked at the inquest, about claims he was seen 15 minutes away from the street where William was last seen, in a fogged-up white car similar to one which was placed on Benaroon Drive.

“That person who has recognised me needs to go to an optometrist,” he insisted.

His then-wife owned a white Camry but he claimed he wasn’t allowed to drive it.

“Whatever, the car was taken away and forensically examined, came back clean because I never ever drove the car,” he said.

Shouldn’t the car have come back clean because it was never used in the commission of a crime, not because you weren’t allowed to drive it ?

The fact is it should come as no surprise that Tony’s son has turned on him, because even paedophile groomers like Jones can only maintain their mask for so long and once it falls off, there is nothing that they can do to put it back on.

Once you work out what a manipulative narcissist is beneath the façade, you can never again see them as anything except the monster they are.

The inquest continues and we can only hope that it finally brings an answers to the questions asked for far too long now.

So far, all it’s brought is a whole lot of fear. Fear from the knowledge that so many convicted child sex offenders were living in such close vicinity to little Willam.

If we had a publicly accessible child sex offenders register, we would all be more aware of the dangers living near us and we could change our behaviour to keep our children safe.

We still hope against hope that one day little William will be found safe and well.
We all want to know what happened that day.
Hopefully this inquest will shed some light for us and his loved ones, who need answers to help them move forward.

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