The Moral to the Story ~ ⚜️⚜️

The old lady handed her bank card to a bank teller and said, “I would like to withdraw $500″.
The teller told her, “For withdrawals less than $2,000, please use the ATM.”
The old lady wanted to know why …
The teller returned her bank card and irritably told her, “These are the rules. Please leave if there is no other matter. There is a line behind you.”
The old lady remained silent for a few seconds, then handed the card back to the teller and said, “Please help me withdraw all the money I have.”
The teller was astonished when she checked the account balance. She nodded her head, leaned down and respectfully told her, “My apologies Ma’am, you have $35 million in your account and our bank doesn’t have so much cash currently. Could you make an appointment and come again tomorrow?
The old lady then asked how much she could withdraw immediately.
The teller told her any amount up to $250,000.
“Well, please let me have $250,000 now”, she requested. The teller did so quickly, then handed it very friendly and respectfully to her elderly client.
The old lady put $500 in her bag and asked the teller to deposit the balance of $249,500 back into her account.
💐Don’t be difficult with old people, they spent a lifetime learning the skills.


By ace101

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Wonderful personality and incredible work, full of wisdom, a process that teaches how to deal with the elderly, and deal in general. There is a lot of similar real history, like a woman from Paris years ago, and she gives the driver of a hard nuts bus from the chocolate shop, and what she can’t eat, and he’s always happy and never said, and doesn’t blow up grandma or anything else as he hasn’t come to the bus station for a few Weeks ago, he was sad and hoped his grandmother would be in good health,
Days later he got a letter from the notaries administration – he briefly said that the old lady xyxyxy left you (——–). He asks why I am, notary thanks for your dealings. ((Thank you)((((((se/nz))

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