“The Little Eva Mine Site” on the doorstep of my home Dry Creek Waanyi/Garawa Land Trust.


The area is known as “sick country” and our Fathers Tommy & Don George were the Tribal Ceremony men that had the songs to protect and persevere this area.
Their duty was to keep this area safe and untouched from mining or anything else.
Since their deaths this duty has fallen to me and my brothers, you must be an INITIATED MAN through Tribal lore to talk for this country and carry LORE & Ceremony.

“The Little Eva Mine Site” on the doorstep of my home Dry Creek Waanyi/Garawa Land Trust.

Australia is so RACIST the very Governing body that is supposed to represent & protect us the Northern Land Coucil is run by WHITE PEOPLE! – Anthropologist, Archeologists, Lawyers and Advisors…sitting in powerful positions to control our LAND RIGHTS!

In light of Rio Tinto destroying a scared site……this will make sense NOW!!

I was a Lone Wolf Vs A Mining Gaint…..I won

The struggle continues……

nitv #BlackLivesMatter #AboriginalLivesMatter #AboriginalSacredStiesMatter #AboriginalStoriesMatter #AboriginalHomelands

Australian First Nations People #aboringallivesmatter

Advertisements OH, England is a pleasant place for them that ’s rich and high;But England is a cruel place for such poor folks as I;And such a port for mariners I ne’er shall see again,As the pleasant Isle of Avès, beside the Spanish main. There were forty craft in Avès that was both swift and […]

Australian Past ~ Scubby D. Dingo

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ANZAC Australia Second World War 1946. We give our alliance – Gratitude to the American Defence Forces for saving our Australian Soldiers. Many folk around the world still don’t know American had never fought in past world Wars until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor In Hawaii leading America to War. Japanese then bombed Darwin Northern Australia murdering Australians. Thank you America

Advertisements Somewhere buried in the fields of France is an Indigenous man who gave his life for his country. He had barely time enough to live. He was not even old enough to enlist; he was not meant to be there. The military records don’t show his name — he passed himself off under the […]

#aborignallivesmatterAustralian Prime Minster shame

Advertisements Scott Morrison says there was no slavery in Australia. Indigenous people were blackbirded and used in the pearling, sugar cane and cattle industries. They suffered terrible abuse, they were denied their wages.Between the 1860s and the 1970s, the stolen generations was taken from their homes and sent to work on cattle and sheep properties […]


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